Alone for Christmas

Perhaps the hardest part of being alone for Christmas is finding a way to stay busy.

Most people leave the area or they are spending time with family. They invite you, but spending time with someone else’s family would just remind me of my family–in New York, California, Florida, and, of course, in Baghdad. I think it would be a little too much for me to see families celebrating Christmas Eve.

After our two visits to NY in November, I just could not justify going again in December. So, my mother is visiting me in January.

Most of the volunteer organizations have closed up shop until the New Year so everyone can be with their families.

I was planning on volunteering at a soup kitchen Christmas Eve, but now that I am pregnant and without a flu shot, I’m not sure it is the best of ideas. DH promised we could make it part of our family tradition for future Christmas Eve’s.

Looking around, with 70 degree weather and just the kittens and work to keep me company, it hardly feels like Christmas.

Christmas Day I will have two presents from DH to open and I will be going to a friend’s house. Hopefully the spirit will seize me at Church and I will be able to exhibit good cheer.

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