Busy With Deadlines

I had a lovely Christmas Eve. I went to midnight mass at the Episcopal Church. Although I was baptised a few years ago, I have not been a regular church goer. I decided that I would start once DH left for Iraq.

The service was beautiful and, although the minister was not the most powerful public speaker, the sermon was very touching.

His words really made me think about how we put so much effort into making things right in our life when Christ has already done so much for us. Christ has already built us a Home, and given us Fellowship, and Perfect Love. Instead of fighting His gifts, we should welcome them into our lives.

On Christmas Day, I went to a friends house and just relaxed. I tried to pick something up for her on the way and was shocked to find everything closed. Unlike New York, I suppose there are not enough Jews, Hindus, Muslims, and Atheists to keep stores open on Christmas Day. I wonder if the Chinese restaurants are even open.

When I returned home, I received my best present–DH called when I got back and we opened our gifts together.

In his stocking, I wrapped up two photo albums with pictures of us and me from our many trips together.

DH sent me a beautiful gold watch from the Metropolitan Museum Store–it is based on a Byzantine design and I cannot wait to wear it.

This morning, I received word from my DH that he had completed his first mission safely. I had been holding my breath all night!

Other than that, I am busy with deadlines…so for the next couple of days, blogging may or may not be sporadic.

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