Committee Craziness

Last night and this morning were spent at committee meetings.

Last night was for Divine Desserts, to benefit the Children’s Advocacy Center. I felt like I had some good ideas. At the same time, I just do not know enough people around here to be a truly effective fundraiser. Last year I got us a silent auction prize that went for $150, but to bring in the big bucks, you need to know people.

The woman doing the table centerpieces is doing Angels. As a New Yorker, my first reaction is that is a little too religious…but I guess it is just fine around here. To me, though, that does not exactly scream sophisticated and cosmopolitan. The theme coes well with the idea of watching over our county’s children–but the evening is more of a fundraiser social event than an educational event about the cause. Just my opinion, though.

I also thought it odd that they are looking to both very upscale food vendors and also soliciting from Chik-Fil-A. Ah, well, what do I know? I’m just a vegetarian, anyway!

Last year was gorgeous and I am sure it will all come together beautifully this year as well.

When I got home, two of my friends conference called me. They tried to persuade me to come visit the Northeast and travel with them. Then they started to talk about how they are not ready for babies because they change your life too much. It was so hard not to spill the beans.

This morning, I was off to Month of the Military Child Festival, for which I am helping to plan the Entertainment and the PR. As the Community Outreach Coordinator for the Junior League, I have also set up a “Done in a Day” project where League members can volunteer for to run rides and games at the Festival for the morning.

After my meeting, I finally managed to shop at the 4th ID museum shop. I bought it out. I also found adorable frames in the P/X for DH’s grandmas; they have a metal silhouette of a soldier saluting on the right side of the frame.

So, now I just have to wrap and ship and sleep.

Pregnancy symptoms so far: VERY thirsty, kinda hungry, sorta tired, unusually upbeat and positive, especially considering how much I miss DH.

I’ve been talking and singing to baby, even though I know the embryo has no ears yet and even if it did, it cannot hear me. Ah, well, makes me happy!

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