E-mail Love

We’ve got a thing…and it’s called e-mail love…

This morning I received a note from DH on e-mail. The AT&T call centers are down where he is and the lines are “interminable” (DH usually does not exagerate, maybe he is picking that up from me?) for the limited MWR phone access.

So, he says e-mail is the way to go…but I NEED a phone call!!!

There is also another Communication Breakdown… the Brigade Commander’s wife has told us the Iraq address may change–do not send out mail to the address they put out prior to deployment.

DH e-mailed me saying that the FRG should tell all the women the address is good–stop confusing them.

We have a Rear D (the leadership that stays behind) meeting on Monday so hopefully that will clear things up because I REALLY want to send some letters and CARE packages to DH!

At least I sent one along with him. I felt so bad–he had to keep unpacking and repacking his carry-on to make it fit. Hopefully it was worth it. I sent him with a tiny artificial Christmas Tree, ornaments, a wreath, a Santa hat, two CDs of Christmas music, and a stocking with a little present. He says one of the other LTs is jealous.

DH says they are still on Texas time…and they were just bouncing off the tent walls last night. They are basically out in the middle of nowhere–”drifting dunes and blowing dust”–and all of their water has to be trucked in.

He has had plenty of time to read and has already finished Gates of Fire : An Epic Novel of the Battle of Thermopylae

, a book I recommeded to him. Following the famous Spartan stand, it is a great examination of the concepts of honor, duty, and brotherhood in battle.

Today I mainly baked. I keep forgetting things in the supermarket and have to go back.

Then I went to a friend’s surprise party for her husband (bringing moist chocolate chip cookies). She used my suggestion and told him he had to come home for an intimate birthday dinner and then had his commander “keep him late” unexpectedly. We all parked around the corner so as not to ruin the surprise and it all worked.

Well, hopefully DH will call tomorrow!

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