Happy New Year!

Well…it is going to be a dull one for me.

I had two friends coming over for fondue and cards, but one is pregnant and had an exhausting day.

Since two doesn’t make for a real card game, we just postponed.

Not that I blame her, but I do wish I had known before I went out and bought cold cuts. I am a vegeterian, so it is a little harder to get rid of them.

Most of the rest of my friends are out of town, and I’ve actually had a migraine and a little nausea from my own pregnancy today, so I guess I’m just staying in.

I’m usually a big believer in making your own fun, but this is so last minute, I guess it is just not meant to be!

When I think about my last few New Year’s Eves, it is kinda funny:

2005 – Dinner at the Yale Club in NYC
2004 – Fireworks and live music in the main plaza in Granada, Spain.
2003 – A jungle canopy ecolodge in Belize.
2002 – Flew out of Mexico City to attend a party at the Harvard Club
2001 – Party in a New York City dance club
2000 – Threw a party at DH’s family’s summer home out on the East End of Long Island

Oh, well, I guess the fun streak had to end sometime. Hopefully I can manage to stay up to watch the ball drop.

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