Trapped Kitty – More Gremlins

After posting about my uneventful couple of days, DH called.

As if that was not enough excitement, Calypso got stuck under the oven!!!

Calypso has always been the trouble maker. The first night we had her, back in Oklahoma, she ran into a hole we did not know existed in the kitchen wall. DH got her out with a flashlight and we plugged up the hole.

We also used to allow the kitties out in our fenced-in backyard when we were outside, until one day while we were having a BBQ, Calypso ducked under the fence and DH had to jump over the fence to grab her.

When the cats sneak out the door, Loki just collapses on the concrete, Calypso likes to make us chase her like a greased pig, although she never goes more than a few feet from the front door.

This particular time, I noticed Calypso squirming around the oven as I was talking on the phone with DH.

I looked closer and saw that her paw was stuck. She was probably trying to grab a toy mouse.

While talking to DH, I tried to grease her paw with butter. No luck.

I tried reaching around to free her. No luck.

I tried to pry the oven up with a lever. That started her howling.

Worried that she might lose circulation or go into shock, I reluctantly said goodbye to DH, who promised that he would IM me later.

Just as I was contemplating whether to find a male neighbor or call the fire department, Calypso heard a noise and popped right out and was absolutely fine.

Little witch ruined my phone call, though. DH said she probably was upset that she was not the center of attention, and so got stuck on purpose. She is such a prima dona.

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