We Interrupt Your Normally Scheduled Blogging for a Plug…

Here’s an Arab Muslim blogger who LIKES freedom, democracy, and the U.S.…he even organizes anti-terrorism vigils in Egypt, in defiance of the police. He’s also funny. I read Sandmonkey pretty much every day.

Please consider voting for him in the Best of the Middle East or Africa category in the 2005 Weblog Awards.

Dear everybody,

My blog was nominated yesterday for the 2005 Weblog award in the best middle-east or Africa blog category, and let’s just say that the competition is stiff ( i.e. I am getting my butt-kicked). This is why I need you to go there and vote for me, and not for any of the other blogs on that list. You shouldn’t vote for them anyway, because not a single one of them is as informative or as funny as my blog. Not to mention, I have it on good authority* that they are all boogerfaces and have cooties, oh yeah, and hate freedom, motherhood and apple pie. I don’t. I support all of those things. Do you? Show it by voting for me. Not convinced? Well, I didn’t want to say this, but they also eat babies for breakfast, admire Hitler and like to kidnap and molest dolphins. Not to mention they talked shit about your Mama. You gonna let them get away with that? I didn’t. I defended her as the nice virtious lady that she is! See, I care for you! I got your back. So show that you got mine and vote for me. It will only take you a second, but it will mean the world to me. Really. I swear. Now do it already! It’s what your mama would want you to do!

The Sandmonkey

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