Y’All Are Wimps

Okay, Texans think they are so tough, but they cannot handle a little weather.

Last night, the school where I volunteer tutor for AVID posted a two hour delay in anticipation of less than an inch accumulation of “wintry mix.”

This morning, I wake up to bright sunshine. I look outside. The grass is a bit yellow and frozen, but the roads are clear.

I get in the car and drive over to the school. No cars in the parking lot. Now why would I check to see if school had been canceled when there is NO SNOW OR ICE ON THE GROUND? While teaching in Massachusetts and New York, I’ve woken up at 4am to clear 8 inches of snow off my car so I could drive to work while it is STILL SNOWING.


I guess they just want to use their emergency days now that tornado season is over?

So, I drive on post to run errands and I notice they have SALTED AND SANDED THE ROADS.

This is TEXAS, people. I know you are not used to wintry weather but you all DRIVE TRUCKS FOR CRYIN’ OUT LOUD!!!

Of course, around here, it is probably better if people stay off the roads during an ice storm…or after an ice storm…or while it is raining…or at night…or during the day, for that matter. This city is known for bad driving.

At least I got a giggle all day from people warning me to “be careful out there.”

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