After a mini-soap opera, we have a new Battalion-level FRG leader. As a result, I know get every e-mail (usually about 10 a day) from her, my Battery-level FRG leader, our Brigade FRG Assistant, and, if it is a real banner day, from my Brigade-level FRG leader.

Recently I changed my e-mail address, with the result that everyone but my Battery level leader sends some of these e-mails go to my old address, some to my new address, and some to both.

Occasionally, e-mails I would actually like to receive do not arrive in either inbox.

We have a member who is handicapped. We have been trying to find a meeting space that will accomodate our Battalion FRG that is also handicap accessible. This took us a month–every place is either closed, closes at night, or charges.

We have a Brigade FRG Assistant, but no one can tell us what she is or is not allowed to do for us.

Although this is the family/civilian side, this is just symptomatic of the larger Army beaurocracy from the tales I hear told. Some tasks are done and re-done by five people, others seem to have no person responsible. Trying to get an answer to any question in a reliable manner is near impossible.

…and yet it moves!

I’ve been to the sausage factory and I’ve seen how the stuff is made. It turns your stomach, but somehow it ultimately does work. Thank goodness it does.

Really, the Army has just reaffirmed my belief that government’s role should be as limited as possible.

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