Happy Valentine’s Day!

I volunteered tutored today and the kids were all hyped up on a sugar high. This holiday is worse than trying to teach during Halloween.

Since DH has received his Valentine’s Day package, I can now tell you what I sent to him.

I took one of the priority boxes and dressed up the inside with Valentine’s wrapping paper and lots of hearts. I also threw in some random Walmart Valentine’s stuff, like a red “I Love You” pillow–the kind of stuff I would never buy if he were home, but thought might be cute to send him. If I wore a signature fragrance, I would have sprayed that on, but DH has never been big on perfume.

Then I made a little “picnic” for him: hot chocolate mix, cheese and sausage, nutella, crackers, and snack mixes. I could not find a red checked table cloth so I included two red checked napkins. I tried to find one of those travel candles but I could not locate one at Walmart and I do not know if those are practical in Iraq anyway.

I also set up my tripod and took some pictures–nothing really shocking, but a little sexier than your everyday pictures. PG-13, maybe. I know some women are more courageous than me in this department but I am paranoid about these things (what if the Post Office HAD lost the package?) and besides, I was almost three months pregnant at that point!

I tried to play with the images a little on my computer to make them look like 1940s pin-ups, but instead they looked like 1980s album covers, so I used a cropped one for CD mix of romantic music.

I also printed out some more pictures from our trips for a album (decorated with all sorts of stickers) and put one in a little frame for him.

Finally, I included a regular letter and a love letter.

DH said that the only better present would be if I had jumped out of the box. What a sweet guy!

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