Ten Things I Love and Miss About DH

It is time for a little whine, unfortunately not wine.

I caught some sort of cold (probably from all the little babies people keep shoving at me when they find out I am pregnant) that knocked me out most of the weekend.

My throat hurt so badly it woke me up several times. I wasn’t running a fever, so I did not go to the doctor, but it was not a fun 36 hours.

DH is also sick and I cannot do anything to make him feel better (besides e-mails…hopefully he’ll be better by the time my next letter or package arrives).

Also, I think it is finally sinking in that this is no field exercise; DH is going to be gone for a while.

So, to cheer myself up, I thought I would make a list of ten things I love and miss about DH (while he is deployed). This is by no means a complete list…just a snapshot. Maybe I will add another ten next month!

Now, in no particular order…

Ten Things I Love and Miss About DH

He does the dirty, annoying work–tossing the trash and paying the bills every week.

Even though he is really tough and strong, he is so gentle and loving with me (and the kittens)!

Just sitting in the same room and reading or working quietly.

He turns off the television and plays good (most of the time) music.

He takes me out to Thai and Indian food even though he would always prefer a nice steak (he even claims that these foods are “growing on him”).

He buys me sunflowers (not roses, because the cats attack and kill them).

When I’m sick or feeling down, he makes me tea in a little dragonfly tea pot he bought me.

He listens to all of my problems and gives me excellent advice.

He loves adventure, and always wants to explore new places.

He sings to and with me–real songs or little songs we make up.

Physical closeness…I am using a euphemism not just because I am shy (which I am a little), but also because I do not want to attract more strange ‘net searches than I already do. Besides this encompasses more than just one thing…it includes all the hugging and cuddling and backrubs, too!

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