Which Celebrity Do You Look Like: Face Recognition

I spotted this on Dlisted. Try out this new face recognition software and find out who you look like….let me know in the comments section.

On my first photo, I looked like a lot of Asian actresses…a lot of people have always thought I looked part Asian.

Yoon-jin Kim tops my first list. I can kinda see it. Also on this list were Lucy Liu and Michelle Yeoh.

Not being Asian, though, I decided to try another photo. This time Avril Lavigne (above) and Amrita Rao (below) were at the top. Okay, so now I’m South Asian, I suppose–that explains why all the Indian guys in college hit on me, I guess.

I actually think Avril Lavigne is a pretty close match of all of them (but my eyes are more almond shaped and my nose is rounder at the end). So, if you want to know what I look like, apparently it is a cross between Avril Lavigne, Alyssa Milano, and Yoon-jin Kim.

Other big matches:
Alyssa Milano 70%
Norah Jones 68%
Kristin Kreuk 68%
Mai Kuraki 66%
Holy Marie Combs 66%
Natalie Imbruglia 66%
Kate Winslet 64%
Namie Amuro 64%
Cate Blanchett 63%

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