Good News in Iraq: Clean Drinking Water for Villages

Time to play, “Will the MSM pick this one up?”

Let me know if you see a MSM article on this good news:

Space-Age Drinking Water System Tested

DAHUK, Iraq, May 2, 2006 — U.S. soldiers assigned to the 401st Civil Affairs Battalion in Dahuk, Iraq, have found an alternative way for residents to drink clean water in the village of Bendaway. [...]

“There are chemicals that run into it, pesticides, fertilizers; everything is in this water.”

“This village lost 10 children in June 2003[...]because there was no other water,” Anderson [from the NGO, Concern for Kids] said.

[They are] testing a space-age portable water filtering and purification system that was originally designed for NASA, and is modeled after the space shuttle water recycling system.

[...] the portable water system being tested costs just under $10,000

“There are about 300 villages in northern Iraq that don’t have potable drinking water,” Hayden said.

Water is such a basic need. Villages need to take better care of their resources, but, in the meantime, children shouldn’t have to die for lack of clean water.

This will also help with security–especially if the media in various countries reports further on these efforts.

Has anyone told Bill and Melinda Gates that they can save children in an entire village for just under $10,000 per village?

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