Town Hall

Interesting day today…

After volunteering at the high school and doing some work, I volunteered for the phone bank at the Fort Hood TV Town Hall.

Basically, I take down questions an forward them to someone who either puts the caller on the air with a group of generals and colonels or gets back to them with an answer from the experts.

A lot of people who called really just wanted someone to talk to. One guy was a vet who had clearly fallen on hard times. He told me all about his discharge, his felony drug conviction, and how he really wishes he could serve his country again in some capacity. He did not really have a question; I think he just needed to talk to someone. Maybe they should have a chaplain standing by. Anyway, this guy called at the beginning and they actually put him on!

Another woman called in and announced on air that her husband had post-partum depression. I am assuming that she meant post-traumatic stress disorder.

Sadly, there were actually a lot of calls about PTSD –a couple of soldiers, but mostly their wives calling in about services and whatnot.

Really very fascinating stuff. There was one call asking about couples that are dual military and one is deploying immediately after the other. Would they have some time together? An excellent question.

Some questions were serious, others just rambling and hysterical.

At moments, I didn’t know how those officers could keep a straight face.

Anyway, I think it is a very useful program the television station and the post offer.

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