Thank You Clouds!

The sky cleared, the sun came out, and my backyard dried up.

We were missing a couple of our regulars (one out of town, one had some personal things to work out, and another just didn’t show), but we had six women plus me and my mom, plus six kids.

I marinated chicken (half citrus/soy and half balsalmic vinegar and rosemary) and made pasta salad and salad. One woman brought a Texas red, white and blue iced cream cake with our FRG leader’s name. Some other ladies brought more sides and desserts.

Our FRG leader was totally surprised that we were honoring her hard work–we gave her a charm bracelet with the unit crest, a day spa gift certificate, and a lucite award in the shape of Texas (with her name, our unit, and a design).

I polled all our people as to what gift we should get and then a bunch of ladies contributed money. I designed the engraving for the award and our First Sergeant’s wife got it done and picked out a great card. I also picked up the charm bracelet and the gift certificate. We encouraged everyone to sign the card and we filled it up with thank yous to our FRG leader.

We have some good pics of the look on our FRG leader’s face.

We also welcomed our new commander’s wife with a little potted African violet.

All in all, I think we had a good time. I am so glad the weather held for the kids!

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