DH is De-licious

Okay, I think the hormones are starting to make me a little loopy.

DH called this afternoon. So sweet! One of the nice things about his new mission is he can call a little more often. Before we had a lot of computer contact but it was harder for him to get to the phones.

One downside is he can’t tell me as much about what he is doing…but that’s okay. He’ll tell me when he is home for good.

DH’s call came at a perfect time. I am starting to feel the pregnancy more and more this week–though I wonder if this is just a little decompression from my friend’s visit. I needed a few days to just veg after my mom visited, too…and we spent the week running around like crazy people. I wonder if DH were here if I could convince him to carry me from the couch to the bed every night…

Friend and family are responding really well to our needs for the single soldiers…which is great because we just found out that they aren’t going to have anything when they arrive. We were hoping there would at least be some bedding–new or well-washed–but looks like we’ll have zip. I’ve got a ton more work to do on that front, but hopefully we’ll be able to get everything they need!

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