I really can’t say much about DH’s mission anymore…so you’ll be stuck with my boring old life.

I have a friend visiting from New York–we went to high school together. I feel so bad that I can’t really show her around too much, but she is sweet to claim that she just came here to help!

I did do one “fun” thing with her so far–I took her to a barrel tasting at two nearby wineries.

Mostly she’s been helping me with some little projects around the house. Today we hung artwork in Lilah’s room. Basically I am rearranging things. I wonder how many new things DH will spot when he returns…and how much will just sort of wash right over him and seem like it was always that way.

I’ve also been having lots of small get togethers. DH is usually the social one, so I’ve really pushed myself to keep that up with him gone.

I have been also dragging my friend to various FRG-related functions. In fact, after picking her up at the airport, she helped me bake cookies and brownies for the guys. Then we went to the FRG meeting. I had prepared our bi-monthly slideshow for the meeting and we also had our banner that the FRG leader, the First Sergeant’s wife, and I paint every month. All members then add messages to the banner (the FRG leader collects messages from out of town relatives to add, too).

The next day we had our steering committee meeting for the Battalion and I asked the Rear D Commander and the Brigade Commander’s wife a ton of questions about getting stuff for the single soldiers. Of course most of it is still up in the air–but I told them I will just continue to ask every month until we have an answer!

I am excited though, that we finally have a sponsor. They are a veterans group. Even though they may not have the deep pockets of a corporate sponsor, their hearts are every bit as big if not bigger. It will be nice to develop a relationship with them. Besides, I think I’ve found my loophole for corporate solicitation–since they are a non-profit, they can certainly solicit and then give the necessary items to us! Viola!

Anyway…back to rearranging artwork and furiture and generally cleaning the place up.

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