You Are My Sunshine…

DH called this morning and I am in a vastly improved mood.

It has been a good week overall. My friend from NY really helped finish up the nursery. We also took a trip to Austin and strolled around the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Gardens and saw the bats emerge from the Congress Avenue Bridge. We also ate some yummy spicey Indian food.

DH continues to be bored with his new assignment that I can’t talk about and don’t know anything about anyway. I keep telling him to enjoy the rest before his next big mission–fatherhood!

It will be quite the circus here in about a month. Hopefully DH will be here for Lilah’s birth, as will my mother, and his parents, and over the phone DH just mentioned his parents may bring his grandmothers!

I think my hypnobirthing tapes will come in handy more right before and after the birth than during the labor itself. Ha, ha.

Over the next three weeks, I am tying up all my work and volunteer projects. I’ve been sorting my files, letting everyone know I plan to be out of contact for a little while, and getting a head start on anything that needs to be done for the Fall. I’ve been rounding up contacts to get things ready for the Single Soldiers, completing the initial steps for the big Junior League event for next year, and finishing off thank you notes.

I suppose I’m in the “nesting” stage, but I feel more like I am preparing for hybernation!

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