Baby Diva as Jackson Pollock: Starting Solid Foods

Baby Diva has been trying to start solids on her own for about a month now. This has made it increasingly difficult for me to maintain the mommy machine. Mealtime goes something like this (translated from baby and paraphrased):

I don’t wanna sit in the baby seat. (squirm, squirm, fuss, fuss) I don’t wanna! No I don’t wanna sit in the high chair either (slouch, squirm, fuss). I wanna sit with Mommy! Yay!!! Ooo…lookie…Mommy seems to enjoy the food. I want some! Gimmie! Hmmm…can’t reach the food, how about a knife? Hey, give that back…

By this point Baby Diva is safe and all choking hazards food and weapons cutlery have been safely pried from her grasp…but I can’t reach anything, either.

We delayed solids until six months based on the APA’s guidance. Then, we traveled out of town a week after six months. FINALLY, with baby Diva almost six and half months’ old, she got her first taste of solids: Sweet Potato!!! She grabbed the spoon and dug right in.

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