Bulldog, Bulldog, Bow Wow Wow

A student group invited Super Dad to speak about his military experience at our alma mater, so all three of us got to travel to New Haven and Baby Diva got her first taste of Yale. Despite a hellacious flight into New York (delays, delays, delays–thank goodness I am breastfeeding and have a baby wrap), Baby Diva was an absolute doll.

We took her out to fancy restaurants, during which time Baby Diva alternated dancing for her adoring public and napping. Baby Diva loved all of the attention and staying up to play cards with her grandparents (she was on my team for Hearts).

Granny and Papa live nearby in suburban New York so they came up for the afternoon. Grandma and Grandpa (Super Dad’s ‘rents) live near the airport so we ended our journey with a visit there.

Baby Diva is becoming quite the traveler!!!

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