Six Months’ Old!

Baby Diva is a HALF A YEAR! She is in the 90th percentile for both height (26.6 inches) and weight (18 pounds). She can sit up, bear weight on my legs, laugh, squeal, blow raspberries, “talk,” recognize her name, scoot a couple of inches on her tummy, grab and pull everything in sight, roll over both ways (although she tends to prefer to roll front to back), put her feet in her mouth (like her mommy), and has two teeth.

She insists on several books a day–”Jamberry” is still her favorite but mommy’s introduced some variety. She still also loves bath time and walk time. She enjoys petting her kitties, too.

Here she is with her monkey. The dress is courtesy of Granny’s friend, “Aunt Weezie”:

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here are some other recent pictures:

Less snappy, more walky, people.

Yeah, I’m in a band…its mostly percussion…

(Thanks Aunt Danielle for the rockin’ threads…we’ve got some more pictures of this with the hat but we’re waiting for a new cable for Daddy’s camera)

Can I start solids NOW? Please?

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