Where there’s smoke…

As I type these words, I am blowing my nose, watching my baby, and caring for two cats in the garage, two cats in the house, and two dogs in the yard.

There’s a fire on post, close to a friend’s house, so they are stashing their pets with us for the meantime.

It is also a super-windy day. So, besides the concern that the little weiner dogs could blow away, that doen’t bode well for fire control.

Loki (the big furry cat) seems concerned, but is generally taking this new development in stride. Calypso (the Russian Blue) has been hiding and just came out to low crawl to her food. Hopefully she won’t throw up.

DH is at a bachelor party about 3 hours away overnight.

So, I’m running this three-ringer all by my sick self at the moment.

It isn’t all bad, though, Lilah burst into spontaneous giggles watching the dogs run around the back yard.

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One comment

  1. kbug says:

    I heard about that fire from Seth, it seems he had a friend misplaced by it and some of his neighbors had taken in refugees. Oh, but ain’t it great the way babies and kids can find the joy in things that we think are terrible…… :)

    When I was about 10, we lived in New Orleans when a hurricane came through. While dad was scurrying around trying to board up windows and prepare to batten down the hatches, we kids were having a great time leaning into the gusting wind with our arms spread wide. It was quite an adventure for us youngsters, especially since schools were closed for 2 weeks because of it…… :)