Nobody Loves Ya Like Mama Loves Ya

I read this heartfelt post and I was so touched by its honesty and its truth.

Since finding out I was pregnant with Baby Diva, I have become so much closer to my mom.

Mom and I always had a great relationship but I was an out of control pig-headed obtuse strong-willed and independent teenager. We’d have exactly the sort of knock down, drag out (verbally speaking) fights that GGC describes…followed by the same sort of secret-sharing sessions.

Then I went away to college and obviously knew everything. I recall one instance when my poor mom kept calling me only to have my roomates finally confess that I was out of town for the weekend. I wasn’t doing anything wrong; my comedy group was just performing at another college five hours away. I had simply forgotten to tell her.

Now, I call her when Baby Diva giggles especially loud or learns a new game–so just about every day.

It isn’t just that I value and need her wisdom. In some ways we are too similar, but when it comes to motherhood, we have already had very different experiences. Being a mother has just made me appreciate her and all that she is as a mother in a very new, and very emotional and spiritual way.

Sometimes I think back on what I put my mother through and feel terribly guilty…and then I think about Baby Diva and I shudder to think what Karma has in store for me. Either way, I know my mama will be there for me.

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