Cinnamon Girl

Baby Diva is a spice girl…she now enjoys cinnamon in her sweet potatoes and ginger in her green beans.

Why does this excite me? Has the bar really gotten that low, or is this really a milestone of significant proportions.

I guess I am happy that she is enjoying eating. Eating is one of life’s great pleasures. People who really take the time to enjoy good food are the kind of people I like. They savor life like they savor each bite.

There’s the convenience factor–Super Dad and I like our cuisine spicy.

I’m not trying to turn Baby Diva into a foodie (like in this NYTimes Article)…best not to encourage habits I do not have the resources to support. Although, if she decides that interests her, there is no shortage of children’s cooking class options in NYC.

However, spices do evoke the exotic. Sometimes it is fun to imagine all of the adventurous possibilities open to Baby Diva–nothing is off the table for her. Her love of spices could lead her to be an archaeologist, an international businesswoman, a food critic!

As Super Dad remarked, “I don’t think I had ginger, except ginger ale, until I was twenty.”

Of course, I know she may still go through picky phases, but for now it is just so much fun introducing her to yummy new options.

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