It’s official: We’re parents…

This morning Super Dad was on a cleaning binge. He turned to me and said, “The sippy cups have officially taken the place of the martini glasses.”

Now, to be fair to Baby Diva, we hadn’t been using the martini glasses regularly for a long while. I had moved to wine and beer well before we even thought about conceiving and where we live right now really isn’t a martini kinda town. Is anywhere still a martini kind of town, anyway?

Mostly we have the martini glasses for when we throw parties with a special themed cocktail, so they really do not need to take up space in the kitchen cabinets. And we still have our cool cordial glasses from Prague on display.

And yet, it is another sign of the passing of an era…like going to sleep before 2 am, donating the size XS clubbing clothes, and filling up the electrical outlets with plastic plugs. It means that, although not everything has to change, certain things just have…evolved.

Pack away the pretty etched glasses and give their place of honor to tiny plastic cups with spouts.

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