New Projects

We’ve been busy beavers over here at the Field Artillery Household.

DH had an article published in Parameters (YAY DH!) and he just finished another article to submit for consideration to another military journal.

I’ve been writing…and avoiding writing by starting two new blogs:

Mamanista: Fabulously Chic, Irresistibly Practical (Product Reviews)
Please comment and shop our cool affiliates so I can spend more time blogging so I can get more affiliates so I can spend more time blogging.

Mama Saga: One Mother’s Journey (A “Mommy Blog”…shudder)
Please leave me comments so it looks like I have cyber friends (no one need know the truth)

And Baby Diva? She’s cutting a THIRD TOOTH and mastering peekaboo.

So, I will still be blogging here and at SpouseBuzz until I run out of military-related stories to tell, but I would really love it if you would come over to my new ventures and read, bookmark, and blogroll those, too!

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