Nursing Strike–Day 1

Sigh. Baby Diva is having her first, and hopefully last, nursing strike. She’s always been a champion nurser and she’s a champion eater. I guess I have been spoiled.

When she was teeny tiny, she hated a bottle. Even the nurses in the hospital (when she had the heart operation) couldn’t get her to take one after she regained her strength.

So, she was pretty much exclusively breastfed until she was six and half months. Now, all of a sudden, she wants a bottle instead of me.

Otherwise, she has been doing fine–eating well, just suddenly no nursing. I tried feeding her when she woke up, when she was about to nap, before lunch, after lunch…nothing worked. I’m hoping this will be over by tomorrow.

So, someone, please…give me advice on nursing strikes or make me laugh.

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