Nursing Strike–Day 2

Last night after I posted, Baby Diva woke for her 11pm feeding but refused to nurse. She still isn’t proficient with the sippy cup yet, so she got a bottle so we could avoid changing her outfit. As much fun as it is to dress up Baby Diva, I try not to mess with her during the night so she won’t decide it is playtime.

Then, at her 4am feeding (24 hours after she had last nursed), she refused to nurse again (both upright and lying down). I decided to just lay her down next to me in hopes she would drift off. Miracle of miracles, she latched! Super dad sleep mumbled something about how he was on the edge of the bed but I told him he would have to move. No way I was breaking this latch.

Come morning, she refused again.

Today I tried every sort of timing and positioning for breastfeeding. When slightly hungry, when partially fed, after feeding, before naps, after naps, wide-awake, etc. I wore her around as much as possible and focused my undivided attention on her, much to the detriment of my work. I even took her morning nap with her.

Yesterday, she would latch but today as soon as I got anywhere near her mouth with my breast, she would fuss and cry.

All day, she had breast milk in the sippy cup and mixed in her food. So, it doesn’t seem to be the milk and it doesn’t seem to be the physical act of eating.

I’ve been reading up and it seems that sometimes right before mastering a major milestone, babies will have a nursing strike. She has been working on crawling and is very close to pulling up, so perhaps that is it.

Then, tonight, I was trying to put her down to sleep. She had a nice dinner of cream of chicken, apples, and breast milk, so I wasn’t holding out much hope.

I tried feeding her after her bath. Then I tried feeding her after her bedtime stories. I tried nursing her in a cradle hold, I tried with her sitting up, I tried several other variations…then I placed her next to me, with both of us lying down and…

…voila! We have a latch.

She nursed very well.

I’m not sure we are out of the woods yet, but I am cautiously celebratory about her feeding.

Hopefully there will not be a Day 3 post tomorrow!

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