Nursing Strike–Day 4?

I’m not sure whether or not to call this Day 4.

Last night, I fed Baby Diva several times but she’d feed and quickly break off. We had one of those awful awake-every-couple-of-hours nights. Haven’t had that special pleasure in a while.

I did have the joy of waking up, looking in the mirror, and looking like I did when I was in college…but I would have preferred it be my old figure, rather than the bags under my eyes that had come back for a visit.

This morning, Baby Diva refused to nurse. So, off to the doc to rule out anything physical.

Doctor checked her out. Baby Diva has a rash which may be contact or may be viral (which could be upsetting her). She is teething (yeah, I noticed) but nothing particularly nasty looking in her mouth. Ears and nose are clear (except for the usual baby ear wax).

The doctor agreed that it is probably just one of those things…but decided to double check for a UTI. We elected to go with the plastic bag catch instead of the catheter in hopes that the sample would be clean and we could skip the catheter.

Essentially, they used medical adhesive to stick a plastic bag to the baby. Then they cut a slit in the diaper so the bag hangs down–this way you know when the baby has peed.

We were hanging around and Baby Diva decided it was time to breastfeed. It always happens that way. You go to the pediatrician and the symptoms automatically disappear.

Anyway, she ate a bit so we had high hope she would pee soon.

Hmmm…what else might make her pee?

I played with her in hopes she would laugh hard enough to pee. No luck. I danced her around a little. Nothing. I rubbed her tummy. Not even a drop.

“We should put her on top of the only copy of some important document, like your orders to leave the military,” I joked to Super Dad, who had a rare day off and had joined us.

I started to make waterfall noises, which had the desired effect…on me. I handed Baby Diva to Super Dad so I could go to the ladies’ room.

Baby Diva was starting to run out of time before the doc would initiate catheter. With minutes left, she pulled through…all over Super Dad’s pants…right in the crotch area.

Luckily enough poured into the bag that they got a good sample. Her urine is, in fact, clean, a fact which did not seem to comfort Super Dad. Super Dad headed into the bathroom to make it seem as if he was hit with water balloon instead of as if he had pissed his own pants.

We got home and she fed again. At bedtime, though, she would feed a little and then pop off. She woke up around midnight for her first nighttime feeding and would start to latch and then slide off. I did notice the same behavior around the sippy cup at one point today, so maybe it is teething.

She seems really frustrated and I am not sure if it is because she wants to nurse but can’t for some reason or if it is because I keep shoving something in her face that she does not want.

So, the day was more successful than not. Two good daytime feedings and no obvious physical problems. Hopefully she is just readjusting her feedings, rather than eliminating nursing altogether.

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