Prunes for Dessert

Now that Baby Diva is eating solid food, I have to make sure she gets her prunes. Why is it that babies have so much in common with the elderly?

While serving Baby Diva her prunes, I sing her this song I made up. The verses change and new ones are added almost daily. In any iteration, this song is proof that when Baby Diva is a teenager, she will pretend not to know me. And I will now share a version with you:

I’d like a bunch
of prunes to munch.
I have a hunch
that there’s prunes for lunch.

Prunes for dessert
Prunes for dessert
Prunes for dessert
So my poo does not hurt

Prunes, oh boy!
I am not coy
Prunes are a toy
I fling with joy.

Prunes that I eat
Prunes that are sweet
Prunes that I share
With babies I meet

Oh, did you know?
Go tell your beau
Prunes help you go
when things move too slow

I eat purple goo
Then I go to the loo
What do you do?
When you have to poo?

Thank you my guest
at this prune-fest
Prunes are the best
now that’s off my chest

Prunes for dessert
Prunes for dessert
Prunes for dessert
So my butt does not hurt

– Lyrics by Mama Luxe
Dedicated to Baby Diva, Fairy Godmother, da Godfadda and infants and parents everywhere.
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  1. Mrs. D says:

    Way cute! I enjoy your blog, thanks. =) Claudia

  2. mox says:

    you’re cracking me up!

  3. QueenieB says:

    Nice! That’s an incredibly long song about prunes-you are clearly very talented.

    And when they get a little older and no longer eat things voluntarily, a little ground flaxseed sprinkled into everything does the same trick.

  4. Scribbit says:

    DOn’t think I’m weird but I LOVE baby food fruits–even prunes taste good. Though the apricots? Heavenly! I’ll even eat the bananas, and I don’t normally like bananas. :)