Super Dad is, well, Super

Super Dad has been especially super lately.

Last night he turned to me and said, “That nursing strike must have really played with your head.”


Did my manly man hubby just attempt to…empathize…with me about…breastfeeding…? Wow. And he not only aimed, he hit the mark. Bulls eye.

Then, this morning he did not have to be in at o’dark thirty. So, he voluntarily took Baby Diva. Then took her for longer than he originally even said he would. Then stuck around a little longer so I could have a guilt-free shower.

And, as a result, I actually felt awake enough to do work. Then, while Baby Diva drank from her sippy cup after lunch, I loaded the dishwasher. I did more work during her next nap. When she woke up, she helped me fold laundry (her help mainly consisted of chewing on a sock and looking cute) and we went for our walk.

I almost feel human.

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One comment

  1. QueenieB says:

    Cool! It’s so nice when they realize you have needs too, and they occasionally have to make some efforts to meet them.