Third Tooth

Just wanted to share that Baby Diva has officially cut her third tooth! Now she has two on the bottom and one on top.

I hesitate to say this, but I have actually been surprised at how easily her teeth have been breaking through. We’ve mainly just given her teethers to chew on and the occasional tylenol dose before she goes to sleep.

I’m going to have to start giving her foods with more texture. Time to break out First Meals again.

She’s just getting to be such a big girl. Baby Diva woke up today and I said to Super Dad that I swear she had changed overnight. She just looked bigger (which is actually not that unusual, she’s in the 90th percentile so she’s huge) and her face looked more mature…even her babble sounds more and more like conversation.

Okay, not the most exciting post, but I just wanted to share.

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