What a wonderful world…

Baby Diva’s favorite games are peekaboo, take off mommy’s glasses, and turn off and on the lights.

She’s really becoming quite fun to play with and her sense of wonder at even the most ordinary helps me to remember that we only get one go around that we know of in this crazy world.

Of all the reasons to have children, this is the one that rings the truest to me–we have children because they simultaneously remind us of our mortality while allowing us to touch immortality.

Sometimes it is easy to forget–to get frustrated about how nothing is getting done, to become bored with the constant routine, to feel lonely and isolated at home.

Then, Baby Diva will remind me that everything important is happening right here and now, that every moment is unique, and that I am connected through our relationship to the cosmos.

Today Baby Diva and I took a stroll. Along the way, I pointed out all of the flowers, the animals, and the dragonflies. Having a baby literally makes me stop and smell the roses and for that I am truly grateful.

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