Diagnosis: Cute

Baby Diva always HATED tummy time. With the Tetralogy of Fallot, we had to keep her calm. So, she was always on her back. I’ve been concerned for a while that this had flattened her head. I don’t want her to have TMJ or hate me when she is older because she has a flat head. (I want her to hate me for the usual teenage reasons.)

Well, I FINALLY got an appointment with her PCM, who refered her to a specialist. We drove down to Austin today and the neurosurgeon gave her professional medical opinion:

Baby Diva has an adorable head with sweet pudgy cheeks, beautiful symetrical blue eyes, and a perfectly shaped forehead.

As if we did not already know, a doctor has officially diagnosed Baby Diva with chronic cuteness.

There is no cure, although I hear that it does sometimes go into remission during ages 12-17.

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