Did Jessica Alba Snub Troops?

Anyone know if this is true–did Jessica Alba snub the troops (warning…this links to Perez Hilton and he is not family friendly)? I plan on checking it out tomorrow, but if someone has any reliable info, you could save me the trouble.

If it is true, any thoughts?

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  1. Sal says:

    That’s probably false.
    The guy who runs that website hates Jessica Alba because she snubbed him once. He has a real bad reputation.
    Jessica is actually a military brat who lived a bunch of different bases growing up.
    She has at least one uncle who is in Iraq now, and often talks about how proud she is of the troops. She is not a fan of the current administration and it’s policies, but hey, that doesn’t mean you don’t support the troops.

  2. Household6 says:

    A while back one of Perez’s posts ended up on our mil spouse board. It was about Rosie going to the new med hospital in San Antonio. Perez defaced the pic of the soldiers with umm suggestive whte spots around the service members mouths and called them fluffy (aka FAT). Yes some of them were a little plush, but it riled up a ton of milspouses who pounced on his site and smacked him for it.

    Perez loves to smack a beehive with a stick and watch what happends. I’d look for a more reliable source before totally condeming Jessica Alba. She could have had an obligation if it was a promo/junket type event and really couldn’t stop for the 15 minutes of pics.

  3. Mama Luxe says:

    I’ve been poking around for some confirmation…I mean, after all, there are so many ways in which the story could be false or misleading.

    She could legitimately have had no time to stop (although I doubt this), the servicemembers could have been out of uniform, they could have possibly been rude in their request, the whole story could be made up.

    So far I have found:

    * that she is definitely a MilBrat

    * a lot of people (not military) claim she is rude in general

    * one person is saying that they were at the event and she was very nice to everyone, including troops who approached her

    * no independent confirmation, yet

    I’ll keep poking around when I have the chance.

    Thanks for the info, guys!