Father’s Day Blogroll: Calling All Daddy Bloggers

Do you have a Daddy Blog or know someone who does?

I would like to offer to put button links on my Mama Saga to PERSONAL Daddy Blogs (not business blogs**, though it is of course fine if your personal blog links to and promotes any business you have or is a section on your larger business site).

I will put buttons up as I receive them and keep them up through June. I may keep all or some of them after June.

Not sure how many Daddy Bloggers will read this…but I know there are at least a handful and maybe some of you have husbands or daddy friends who blog and may be interested.

It would be great if you would link to this post to help spread the word!

How it works:

1. Send me the website address.

2. If you have your own button, send me a URL for a hosted image (uploaded to a service, such as photobucket) or e-mail me the button at mamaluxe at gmail dot com.

Buttons should preferably be 120-150 pixels in width (if they are larger, I will re-size) and no more than 150 in height.

If you are unable to make a button, just let me know and I will do it; but it may take me a little while to make a button for you.

3. A reciprocal link (text or button, if you prefer) is nice but is not required! Let me know if you want a button and what size you want. I have one on my sidebar if you just want to grab it.

** Moms or Dads–if you have a COMMERCIAL site that you would like to link on either of my blogs, I would be happy to talk about a reciprocal link if you are interested.

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One comment

  1. I’ve already tagged your other site. If you add my link to this blog too, I will link to yours as well. Thanks.

    Brandon J