Good Mama? Great Mama!

I’m a great mother. Rebecca over at GGC pretty much hits it as to WHY self-deprecation is the new thin (or should I say the new bulimia) for moms, so I will save you the analysis and just get on with it.

I am a good parent. No, not just good–great.

I have found physical reserves I never knew I had. My mother was amazed at how long I waited for the epidural…and how I kept turning down the c-section. Then, when we were at 24 hours, and the doctors were describing the situation as desperate, I stood up still under the epidural so I could use gravity. Seriously. I could kick Chuck Norris’ ass.

I am emotionally stronger than I have ever been. Two days after a 24 hour labor, I took a 3 hour ride to find out that my perfect baby girl had a huge hole in her heart. For three months without my husband home, I comforted her every time she cried, because if I didn’t, she could turn blue and require emergency surgery.

I care as much about Baby Diva as anyone has ever cared for anyone else. Whenever she needs anything, I research. I research until I am satisfied that I have found the right thing to do. I researched every technique for easing colic, for getting her to sleep, for feeding her. I did whatever I needed to do to keep my little heart baby calm so that she could grow strong for her operation.

I am a fierce mama lion. When I knew that Baby Diva had reflux, I fought and returned again and again until I found a doctor who would finally listen to me. Finally, 24 hours on Zantac, and she became almost a different baby.

I reflect and enjoy. I was once on Fast Forward…now I know that sitting on a blanket with my baby, enjoying the weather, and playing with sprigs of herbs from my garden is not just enough–it is a triumph and a celebration.

I advocate. When I saw that there were dozens of formula packets, samples, and coupons at the clinic, but not one single pamphlet on breastfeeding, I opened my big mouth.

I grow. So that Baby Diva will have a good role model, I force myself into new experiences. I accentuate what is best about me and our family, and I work to eliminate the negative (don’t mess with Mr-in-between

). I enjoy the outdoors, play music, and travel to visit family.

Most importantly, I love. I love Baby Diva and I love Super Dad and I love our family with everything I have. Whatever faults I may have, I make up for all of them with the persistence, depth, ferocity, and joy of my love.

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  1. Shannon says:

    Wow. What an awesome post. I wish I felt this way about parenting. You are amazing.

  2. Mama Luxe says:

    I won’t diminish what GGC inspired me to write (and admit) by being self deprecating right now in the comments section…but I’ll just say I don’t always feel this way.

    Instead of describing how I normally feel, I will just thank you for the gracious compliment (without stammering or blushing, like my mama always said I should).