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So I was tagged by Money for Military and it took me a little while to respond because (A) I am busy trying to make money

but more so to raise my baby; and (B) the name of the blog title seemed spammy to me.

However, I decided to check it out and he actually is a real person, with original content, involving actual and helpful financial advice for troops, military family members, and others.

He’s got a lot of information about USAA funds and some great financial tips and advice for soldiers and others.

Use the search function to find what you want and hopefully in the future he’ll add some labels or “top posts” designations to make the site a little easier to navigate…because there is some useful information on there.

I’ll respond to the tagging later when I have a chance…

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  1. Brandon J says:

    Awesome! Thanks a lot. I really like that top posts idea. I will look into that. Thanks.

    Brandon J
    Money for Military

  2. J Schiller says:

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