What Makes Me a Mother…

Here I am, up late so I can get work done, because it is impossible to get anything done during the day anymore. I know tomorrow I will be exhausted. But I will get up at 7am tomorrow, because my baby needs me.

When I found out about Baby Diva’s heart condition and Super Dad was still deployed, sure, I wanted to shut off and grieve my expectations. I couldn’t, though, because someone needed to feed, dress, and love that beautiful little baby girl.

I had become someone’s Mommy and I just did not have the luxury of breaking down.

Being a parent means selflessness. I think Dads get that, too. Just perhaps a little later because they do not usually have to sacrifice their bodies in the same immediate and tangible way we mothers do.

For biological mothers, there is the realization that, really expensive plastic surgery aside, I will never look the way I used to ever again. Nursing mothers give their bodies, their energy, and their time over in a very tangible way. For mothers of any stripe, there is the radar that develops…the ability to hear every peep and the corresponding need to sleep with “one eye open” until the baby bird flies the nest.

And what makes you a mom is that…that is all okay. You may not be screaming for joy about all of it every moment of every day…but you are okay with these changes. In fact, you wouldn’t trade it for all of the free time, sleep, and stretch mark free skin in the world.

But the awesome experience of love at first sight?

The wonder of it all, seeing the world again through new eyes?

The joy of putting someone else above yourself?

The ecstasy of touching the future?

That knows no gender.

Parentbloggers has asked bloggers out there to write a post for Kevin at Light Iris. I think it is cool that he wants to empathize more with the physical experience of pregnancy. I wish I could write a better post in honor of his experience. Really, though, I don’t think we moms have a lock on anything–Dads are really special, too.

You don’t have to carry around the extra pounds for nine months to be a parent.

Would you like to post on this topic, too? Post on Friday, May 11 (that’s today), link to Light Iris, and e-mail parentbloggers at gmail dot com.

Parentbloggers will be picking a winner from ALL the posts that are dated May 11, rounding them up on their site, and a picked at random winner will get a $100 gift certificate to SPA FINDER to be announced on Mother’s Day.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I agree, especially the part about seeing the world through new eyes. When Kaitlyn and I take a walk, it takes me a few minutes to relax and walk at her pace, while she picks up every rock, every stick. I’m glad she makes me slow down.

  2. Mama Luxe says:

    Oh, I totally love how they FORCE us to literally stop and smell the roses!

    It is a reminder I was desperately in need of!

  3. mama k says:

    cool post. It is a sacrifice that you don’t fully understand until you are there.

    (found you via the blog blast)