A Crossroads…

What should I do with this blog?

Whether you are a regular reader who still stops back now and again and/or has me on a feed reader or you found me through a google search, I’d like your input, please!

This is the situation: DH has left the active duty Army, and I’ve been blogging away elsewhere about my life as a mother and products for the family.

We’ve been house hunting, which, even in this soft market, is incredibly difficult in New York on a civil servant’s salary.

I’ve been trying to raise awareness about congenital heart defects and hopefully also some money…donate now for a chance to win cool prizes!

At any rate, it is becoming more and more difficult to blog from the military spouse standpoint.

So, I have a few options:

1. Delete the blog. I don’t like this one because there are some posts up here that are still useful to people and I don’t want the address taken over by spammers. It has a high Page Rank and could be a likely target.

2. Give the address to another military spouse and back-up the posts to another address for posterity (but this would make it more difficult for people to find).

3. Have guest blog posts, a military spouse (or just military) round-up, a carnival, “Ask Molly” and maybe some other random fun once a week.

I’m leaning towards #3 because the blog would still have its archives, would still be useful to the community, and would give new military bloggers a chance to grab a high value link and maybe some more of an audience.

PLEASE give me your thoughts!

I already get tons of questions that I just answer via e-mail, so that part would be easy. Would you be interested in guest blogging? Would you enjoy a carnival? A link round-up?

Let me know!!!

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  1. One option is to open it up to other military spouses — active (like me), Reserves, Nat’l Guard, retireed. They can post about their lives and share stories, ideas about child care, balancing careers and family. It’s soemthing I thought of doing, because face it no one will understand what the life is about until they’ve walked in those shoes. I’ve seen it done for crafts and it is really a great place to learn new things and share your stories/heartbreaks/joys with the only people who will truly understand. You could pick 7 people and have them post each week on a certain day or more who post randomly, when they feel that they have something others can benefit from. I just started to visit your blog and have found other military family blogs through you so it is a valuable source.

  2. Meghann says:

    I read your blog through google reader, and I really like option #3 or possibly something combining that with the idea above mine. Even if you aren’t a military spouse any more you still have a lot of knowledge that we could use! I’ve been thinking about starting up a milspouse blog, and I would be willing to guest blog for you!

  3. ABW says:

    I like option #3 as well. I’d love to read other people’s input on military life as we head into deployment #3. I’ve enjoyed your posts and have a baby the same age as Baby Diva so I follow those as well. I’ll help if you need it!

  4. joyce says:

    Option #3 in my opinion is the best. There are a lot of milspouses out there (myself included) who have plenty to write about military life. And there are so many diverse viewpoints out there, from military world newbies to the seasoned, “been there, done that” types. Finding someone to guest blog wouldn’t be a problem. And I’d dig an “Ask Molly” section.

  5. Vicky says:

    I like #3. I am a DOD wife and would comment or ad my thoughts if you had guest bloggers. Thanks for asking.

  6. Household6 says:

    I vote for number 3 too ML!

  7. Kerry says:

    I’ll guest-blog! If anyone cares about the POV of the wife of a non-deploying military musician, that is. ;)

  8. Kerry- My Grandfather was a military musician (he deployed to Korea, though).

    I think all perspectives would be welcome!

    I’ll get my act together as soon as I can guys, and go with this.

  9. Stacey Gatlin says:

    The one that stay at home while our soldiers are at work are bored. Back at home we played softball are something. Just wish that we can get togearher come up w/something to do!!!