Don’t Hold Your Applause

Today we did our bedtime routine, I nursed Baby Diva, and put her down to sleep. I came downstairs and heard the dreaded sounds of fussing an crying. So, I went up to comfort her but she just wanted to play.

I called Captain Dad in for a consult. We tried to pretend we were asleep but Baby Diva just kept shoving her pacifier down my shirt (what would make mommy even cooler? if she had a paci there, too…three is so much better than two!). Eventually I couldn’t stifle the giggles any longer so we just gave in and decided to try again after some quiet play.

Baby Diva, as she so often does, had other plans.

She chose this exact moment to start clapping for the very first time.

Because I don’t want her to be stuck clapping alone like that guy in that teen movie spoof, I clapped too. So did Captain Dad.

Ecstatic at how quickly she trained us to clap on command, Baby Diva continued her performance for about 15 minutes. Since she was showing no sign of flagging, we brought her back downstairs, listened to some calm classical music.

Once she started rubbing her eyes, we brought her back up and re-did the bedtime routine. This time she collapsed, without protest.

Goodnight little one.


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One comment

  1. Dawn says:

    lol yayyyyy!

    Yeah, the whole 3 nipple thing, though – really hard to find bathing suits for.