I’m a Top Momma–Please Vote For Me

An adorable pic of Baby Diva in a leopard costume just got added to the front page of Top Momma. Please go “vote” for me by clicking on the image. Time is of the essence, though…as soon as a new pic is added, I’ll get booted if I don’t have enough clicks.

So visit Top Momma now, and click on the cute little Leopard-Human Cub Hybrid.

Also, please pass this link (http://www.topmomma.com/mommas/referal/727) on to five friends and ask them to do the same. I can’t tell you it will give you good luck, help you win money, or save the children…but getting votes will make me smile.


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  1. Christine says:

    Just voted and mentioned it on Dates to Diapers!

  2. I voted and Baby Diva’s button is on my blog.