Angry Woman Hates Children, Writes a Book

So this really angry, bitter woman has children and then writes a book about how she regrets having children, they destroyed her life, and she can find no redeeming value in having birthed them. And it isn’t enough that she feels this way about her own decision–she feels this way about YOURS, too. Apparently, if you think you enjoy being a parent, well you are just delusional, lying, or wrong.

The punchline? She refers to them as whiny, unpleasant, and annoying.

Seriously, who buys these books???

(via Hathor)

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  1. homeslice says:

    Wow. I feel bad for those children. Perhaps she should have stopped after the first is motherhood was such a misery for her.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i agree with homeslice…what in the world is this woman thinking…so she is unhappy in her life, but that doesn’t mean we all are, and personally i think she is dillusional. i agree mama saga, who would buy this book or any others like it…not me that is for sure…

  3. If you were asked to come up with “10 reasons not to have kids” I bet you could do it.

    Or call it “10 things I miss about my pre-baby life” and it’s not nearly as inflammatory.

    Sure, you’d turn around and then write “400 reasons why I love my children more than those reasons” but I bet any of us could do it.

  4. Mama Luxe says:

    RookieMom Heather–Sure, but this wasn’t just a lighthearted piece about some things she misses–this was a mean-spirited, bitter attack on children and having children.

    She’s not saying, sometimes it is hard but it is ultimately worth it…or looking back I wouldn’t do it again, but I am making the best of things. She is saying, it is awful, if you think it isn’t awful, you are wrong, and no one should do it.

    Even as a joke, I would never write:

    “Of course, millions of parents will read this and get all defensive and think that it’s all worth it because those angels of theirs are sweethearts. But they’re not: they’re little savages.”

    “Things haven’t changed and little children are just as unpleasant and annoying as they ever were, except that as a parent you’re not even allowed to fight back now.”

    “More murders and child abuse happen within families than outside them – every family is a nest of vipers: all the more reason not to add to your own.”

    “Instead of pitying the child-free, we should be envying them, I know I do. Because as a mother-of-two I know better than most why having children is a big mistake.”

  5. Coma Girl says:

    I have not read the book so I cannot be certain, but if I had to put money on it I would bet that my step-son’s mother either wrote the book or definitely owns a copy.

  6. That’s horrible and sad. It’s different to miss the pre-baby days and fitting in size 5 and having date nights with your husband, than openly writing those bad things about your children.

    She might be just some freak trying to get attention by saying things like that, and not 100% even meaning them. Some people do anything for publicity. Sad anyway. I feel bad for the kids.

  7. Dana says:

    i didnt read the book. but man I feel sorry for the kids! Why have kids in the first place! maybe she is just miserable!

  8. pinkmommy says:

    I truly hope from some miracle that her children didn’t read her book! But somehow I doubt that happened. I would like to ask her what if her own mother had thought the same about her and either not had her or had her aborted…

  9. Kerry says:

    Well, she started out with some valid, if unpopular, points, but she lost me at “labor is torture”. Labor is torture for two reasons: the way the medical establishment “manages” it, and more importantly, because we EXPECT it to be torture. It really doesn’t have to be.
    I had to stop reading after about 4 paragraphs. This woman has problems.