Are Mommy Bloggers Undervaluing Their Work?

Over at her very interesting new blog, Blogging for Parents, PHATMommy has a great discussion going: “Is Advertising on Mommy Blogs Different?” This is in response to several fascinating posts throughout the blogosphere, including Liz’s points about being asked to discount her ad rate.

I tried to respond to the post at Blogging for Parents, but the comments section does not accept comments over a certain length…so after looking like an idiot by making several failed attempts, I decided to come post here. Trying to get everyone to link to you? Just kidding…but it would be diabolically clever of you.

At any rate, here is my response…check out PHATMommy’s post and the comments for the context and I will post more about monetizing later:

Have you all seen this article?

Salary, Gender and the Social Cost of Haggling

The gist is that not only are women less likely to bargain…but that they may in fact be recognizing a very real penalty for women who negotiate.

A number of Mommy Bloggers have noticed people essentially asking them to promote a business for free or way below their advertised rates. Does this happen more with Mommy Blogs than other blogs? I don’t know. I wonder…it would be interesting to find out.

I think that one can look at the fact that other blogs with similar traffic and similarly desirable demographics (and moms are a desirable demographic what with all our registering and anxiety-for-our-children’s-healthy-happiness-success-driven spending…), and come up with an approximate idea of worth. Even if it is not exact, it is at least a beginning point for understanding whether or not we are undervaluing ourselves.

I don’t think of it as taking advantage of us–your goal is to get value for your money.

However, it is worth while for us to consider so we can also get good value.

I also think that Liz’s point about the pay-per-click issue is worth pointing out again…although it is probably more of a ads on blogs in general issue, than an ads on mommy blogs issue.

To some extent, though, it is colored by the Mom Blog Issue…it comes back to what the advertiser actually wants and what the writer wants. Do you want to be associated with a certain writer because of the quality of their writing, are you mainly building your “brand,” are you looking for a certain value link from a high PR blog, how about traffic, there’s also “buzz” by associating with an opinion maker, are you hoping to get sales directly from the click?

I think different advertisers want different things and some do not know what they want and what they are getting.

There is perhaps a disconnect about what can be expected for these various things, all of which may have different value to different people…

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  1. Shannon says:

    Sorry about the comment glitch. I’ve been on vacation and getting our fall schedule in line, but I’m working on fixing the issues on that blog ASAP. Thanks for your great comment!