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Do you go out of your way to avoid businesses that advocate different view points from yours?

A commenter on Mamanista! objected to a business’s reference to a logo of the Democrat Donkey as “The Good Guys” and the Republican Elephant as “The Other Guys” on his photo caption.

Obviously the business owner is free to do as he pleases with his site design and consumers are also free to buy or not buy. Freedom of expression and freedom of association are not exactly being threatened here.

I don’t want to go too deep into it but I will say this particular partisan joke did not rise to the level of inspiring me to boycott–I like the shirts and plan to buy them again in the future.

This particular case was just what sparked a train of thought about how I personally make my purchasing decisions and how I support people, companies, and possibly ideologies with my dollars.

What would it take for me to boycott a company? Is ideology sufficient if the issue large enough? Direct financial support by the company of an ideology? Actual actions on the part of the company? What sort of obligation do I have to research or follow-up on stories about these issues?

Just wondering what others thought about some of these issues…what does it take to get you to boycott a company?

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One comment

  1. homeslice says:

    personally, i find that comment completely ridiculous. if you are too chicken to leave your name, i never put much thought or time into someone who doesn’t believe strongly enough in what they’re saying to sign their name to it.

    additionally, are we so afraid of people who are republican, democractic, wiccan, christian, or whatever that the mere mention of it makes us run screaming for protection?

    i’ve seen this happen on other sites where people will take issue with things. one woman who shopped our site had an issue because 1 out of our 5 manufacturers made their nap mats in china; it is also the cheapest nap mat we sell and probably at a price point that serves the market of people who cannot afford more. if she had pulled her business from us, so be it. to each his own.