I Saw The Sign

Teach your baby sign language and she’ll be able to communicate with you BEFORE SHE CAN EVEN TALK.

Sounds great, right?

Well, it is…but make sure you want to know what’s on the mind of a one year-old before you give her the ability to gesticulate what she’s thinking.

Apparently “food” is on her mind. And “more food.” And “nursing.”

Oh, and she likes to tell you that she is “all done” when you are doing something she doesn’t like, such as clipping her nails or wiping her face.

Sorry, kiddo. You may be all done, but we aren’t.

Babies also do the over generalizing thing with signs that they do with spoken words.

At first, Baby Diva only used the food sign when she was hungry. Then, she started emphatically insisting she wanted to eat moments after I fed her a large meal. I would hand her a snack and she would push it away and sign more frantically. Finally, she picked up a book and stuck it in her mouth.

Okay, that makes sense. She chews on her books, so obviously they are food.

Food for thought, sweetie.

Besides, if she signs “eat” and points to something, she usually gets it. So why bother being more precise if mommy will figure out what she wants, anyway?

And then there is the sign for milk, our darling’s first sign!

Captain Dad is playing with the Diva and Mama is getting a moment of relaxation when all of a sudden, two figures appear.

Captain Dad, carrying Baby Diva sedan-chair style announces, “She wants to nurse.”

“How do you know?”

“She told me.” To emphasize the point, Baby Diva solemnly lifts one hand and makes the tell-tale squeezing motion.

If she’s really hungry, she uses both hands–as if to say, “This is a two mammary meal, mommy!” I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before she is chasing me around the house, squeezing both hands, looking like a demented crab.

A few weeks ago I had the bright idea to reintroduce the sign for “more.”

Baby Diva loves this sign and now more or less uses it to indicate the opposite of “all done.” At first, however, she failed to grasp that this magical sign was a modifier.

So, for about a week non-stop she would constantly put her finger tips together to ask for “more.”

“More,” what, baby girl?

More everything mommy.

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  1. Sheila says:

    That is so sweet! The began emphasizing sign language for babies by the time my youngest hard started speaking. I wish it had been more widespread earlier! Good job Baby Diva!

  2. DawnoftheDay says:

    That’s great! I’m just starting to teach my nine month old sign language. I hope she catches on quickly!
    Love the way you write!

  3. awww, this is soo sweet and you are pretty darn funny. :)
    julian is just starting to sign “dog” now and then.
    i remember the first time ava signed “milk” and then “sleep” right after. it was so cute and was her first sentence. ;)
    enjoy your sweet girl.


  4. HappyMum says:

    Fantastic post… it really made me smile.

  5. Momminitup says:

    That was really fun to read!!

  6. Dana Bee says:

    So funny! Have you seen “Meet the Fockers?” That was a refreshing post!

  7. Mama-To-Be says:

    It seems that Baby Diva already shares her mommy’s great sense of humor.

    Thanks for the laughs. This is my favorite post of the week.

  8. mod*mom says:

    how sweet + funny!
    i can relate :)