Unemployment Benefits for Military Spouses

I saw this in Army Times and then another Mom on Maya’s Mom posted it: 4 more states offer benefits to spouses forced to quit jobs (see excerpt and map below).

What are your thoughts on the topic? Should spouses who quit to move with a servicemember be entitled to unemployment? What, if any, restrictions should be placed on it?

Is it the least the states can do for the families who are serving? Is it critical to national security because of the need to retain servicemembers and keep family morale going? Is it promoting a culture of dependency and discouraging able bodied workers from finding work once they move?

What are your thoughts as a military spouse? as a citizen? as a taxpayer?

Should the federal government change the law to require states to define a military move as being unemployed “through no fault of your own?” Or should the military keep lobbying each of the remaining states individually?

My personal experience was I left my job and was not granted a leave of absence because I am a military spouse and they did not think I would be back (I actually have this in writing, smart PR move on their part, huh?).

Texas actually has a great program, Texas Workforce, available free to military spouses that provides resources for job hunting and actually pays for certifications, classes, gas, babysitting, and more while you look for a job if you left a job to move to Texas with your spouse on military orders.

I ended up freelancing, but they would have paid for all exams and certifications for me to transfer my teaching certification to Texas–down to the postage required for mailing in the forms.

Personally, I would like to see more funding for programs like this, helping military families to locate jobs when they PCS. However, I do think it is important to have a safety net for military families–especially because a servicemember will be more effective and more likely to stay in the military if his spouse and family are satisfied with their situation.

I do worry about abuses, as I do with any other benefits program for any group of people, but I do think in this case these new laws are on the right track.

I would love to hear your thoughts!

4 more states offer benefits to spouses forced to quit jobs (EXCERPT, click for full article)

According to the Defense Department, 21 states now allow trailing military spouses to receive unemployment benefits. Eight states deny such benefits outright; the rest consider such requests on a case-by-case basis.

The Pentagon is working this issue hard. Since defense officials launched a “USA 4 Military Families” state partnership program three years ago, 13 states have changed their policies to let spouses get unemployment compensation.

“I see it as a part of what DoD is doing today to connect these folks to military families and their communities,” said Joyce Raezer, chief operating officer for the National Military Family Association.

“For years, DoD’s attitude was that they couldn’t do anything about it, it wasn’t their issue,” Raezer said. “But now they are saying that if military spouse careers are important to retention, maybe they need to step up and do what they can to help spouses.”

Map of the states that offer unemployment to military spouses who move on orders:

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  1. Lynn says:

    Yes, spouses of military members should be eligible for unemployment benefits.
    A military life is one of hardship and sacrifice, for the member and for their family. A spouse, in many cases, will not be able to build a career because of the frequency of PCS’s. Depending on where the family is stationed, the spouse may not be able to do anything at all related to their experienced or desired field, with very few exceptions.
    It’s easy for the member. No matter where they go, they will have a job. This is not true for the spouse.
    My tax dollars go to so many other things that I find distasteful, and many benefits of government programs provided for with my tax dollars, I will never ever see.
    Regardless of whether or not I, myself, returns to work, I believe that a military spouse who must leave their job due to a PCS should be eligible for unemployment and other services which will help them find a new job.

  2. Michelle says:

    I lived in Florida, my husband recved orders to relocate to Okinawa, Japan. I quit my job, applied for unemployment and was unable to collect. The Unemploymnet office will not contact me via email nor send my letters of information,I have an APO address and tried to explain its still the American States. They also said I was out of the area so I could not collect and to appeal it. I recved one phone call at the end of Dec. to fax my husbands orders, I hadn’t heard anyhting since- I applied in Nov. I don’t understand if I am relocating with my husband how being out of the area has anything todo with it? I don’t know what else to do, it is very frustrasting to me, I am in a different world here and trying to find a job, its not easy and the unemployment would have helped since I still have to pay for a vehicle in the States. I hope I can find some type of answers. I appreciate your time.

  3. Patty says:

    I agree! More needs to be done on a federal level to make the remaining states pay for unemployment benefits for spouses. My husband received orders to Ft. Myer, VA and the state of Louisiana is refusing to pay for unemployment stating that I had a choice and I could have stayed in LA and not made the move, therefore my claim was denied. I appealed the decission and had the court hearing via phone and it basically went the same way. The cost of childcare and cost of living here has created a real burden and something has got to be done. We must band together to force the right changes.

  4. Patty says:

    Great webpage! Keep up the great work.

  5. Traci says:

    What if you were forced to quit military spouse and husband goes overseas and then divorces you and also threatens you. Where you are now not able to find income because of his moves and now no health plan or income. HOw do you keep your house and lifestyle?

  6. Traci–you (or whoever you are speaking about) need(s) a lawyer, one who specializes in military divorce. Only a judge in your state can determine your legal entitlements. The good news is that any settlement can be enforced by the military–they can make sure he pays any spousal or child support.

    The spouse may also want to get in touch with a case worker about how to re-work her resume and find employment, assuming no medical or child care obligations prevent that.

  7. Erica says:

    I’m currently in the state of kentucky and we’re scheduled to relocate to ft. hood texas, i was at my job for 9 months and i just quit friday, i did apply for unemployment benefits, but i was denied due to apprarently not earning enough wages, does anyone know if this is right and if i can fight this, i’ve been trying to find a website, or something that can tell me whether or not i can do that, if anyone has any tips i would greatly appreciate it, thank you!

  8. Erica–

    I believe Kentucky’s laws are the ones that apply in this case.


    If you believe you were denied in error, first contact them and ask them to explain the reason you were turned down and review the case again. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do if you don’t qualify according to the state’s laws.

    Also, Texas Workforce has a FANTASTIC program for relocating spouses, for which you should qualify. They will pay for re-training, certification, classes, gas, even childcare during the job hunt if you left a job and are on the servicemember’s orders.

    Call the Killeen Office:

    (254) 200-2000

    Here’s the website:

  9. kobe says:

    great unemployment benefit move from nm to ca. way to go

  10. Joe says:

    Thank you for the information you posted. I am a victim of Maryland’s anti-military family policies. After working for 11 years in the state, I was denied UI benefits when my wife was transferred to Texas. I have begun a letter writting campaign to state officials, I will appeal the decision and I believe that these policies should be considered with BRAC decisions. Maybe if these states faced the threat of closing Military bases because of such hostile attitudes towards military families they would look at these benefits differently.

  11. Jessica says:

    HELP!!!!!!!!! My husband was relocated from NY to MI with a TDY en-route assignment. So my family and I moved to MI ahead of him. Now NY says that I was wrong. The claims person has completly made up his mind that I’m a dead beat and has on several occasions tried to ask mis constrew my words and say that I said thing that are in fact false. If anyone can help me I would really love to hear that I’m not the only one :(

  12. Jessica,

    I can’t tell from your comment what exactly has happened.

    What claim (and to what agency or department) have you made? What reason did they give you for denying your claim?

    If you provide more information, someone can maybe share some ideas.

  13. Jennifer says:

    I am unsure how to apply for this unemployment. I just moved from NH to Tx leaving my career of 8yrs. Thank you for your blog and help. :)

  14. Jennifer–

    I believe you apply through New Hampshire and their laws will apply. Either way, they will be able to tell you what your next steps are.


    Also, if you are looking to resume working and are on your spouses military orders, do yourself a favor and contact Texas Workforce.

    They will pay for re-training, certification, classes, gas, even childcare during the job hunt if you qualify.

    Here’s the website:

  15. jenna says:

    I definitely think military spouses should qualify for unemployment benefits. It has been amazing to me since I became an Army wife that some states don’t recognize it. I am currently trying to finalize a combined wage claim that has gotten all screwed up…I have no problem working, however, it takes time to get the family set up, enroll the kids in school, then look for a job. I don’t know about everyone else, but every time we move within a week, my husband is gone training somewhere, so it’s just me to run the show. I am not asking for a free ride, i have always worked, but in this economy finding a new job can be quite a challenge, especially when you don’t know anyone. just my thoughts….good luck to you all.

  16. Ben says:

    Hello all.
    I have been serving in Washington State and recently married my high school sweet heart from Ohio. She came out here-Washington-to live with me. We have been here several months together and it has been a disaster. The army has not compensated us for our housing and food allowances, and I have been payng rent and utilities on a measly 1400 a month. We have many bills, and are just barely getting by. The army lost my paperwork, and therefore will not pay me for housing for another month!!! We have been married for four months.

    My wife has mental health issues that have kept her away from work. Essentially, she has anxiety that brings on very bad panic attacks. I worry about her everyday because she is so depressed, and our living situation is compounded by the lack of pay from the army. My question, then, is can she receive unemployment, or would she qualify for another benefit? Unemployment, I understan, would have to be from where her last job was-Ohio. But the map above shows that Ohio does not give benefits to spouses moving under orders. We cannot, even with the housin allwances from the army, survive without her working. What can we do???!!!

    I appreciate any advice anyone can offer, or even just moral support. Neither of us have family, and we don’t have manyfriends on this side of the country that could help. Please Email me at “benjibaird@yahoo.com” as I may not have access to this website soon.

    God Bless,

  17. Melissah Green says:

    My husband and I are stationed at Ft. Bliss and I been worintg at my job for over a year and now we are going to Germany..My boss will not let me take Leave of Absence for 1 week to see my family before I go I really dont want to have to quit my job for I need all the income I can get..

  18. Jennifer says:

    We are scheduled to PCS the first of Feb. from Florida to South Carolina. From what I’ve read I believe I need to file for unemployment with the state of Florida. How soon after I give my 2 weeks notice can I file a claim? Also, how long can I expect to wait before I see any benifits?
    Thank you so much, this site has been very helpful!! I only wish I had known about these benefits sooner :)

  19. Jennifer–You’ll have to contact the Florida State Unemployment Department:


    Laws vary from state to state.

    Best of Luck!

  20. LaKeitha says:

    My husband is an active duty army recruiter. We have been in Mississippi for 5 years. Our last move was about an hour away from the previous station. I have a bachelors degree in Business Administration with a triple major in finance, marketing and management. I have applied for several jobs here and have determined that this degree is completely useless here, because the people in these jobs have been in them for years and not going anywhere. Since we’ve moved here I have applied for unemployment, I was denied, I appealed and was denied again. The decision was said to be based on the fact that relocating with my husband was not considered good cause for leaving employment. I have done a lot of reading about this and most sites including the map up top, says that I would be qualified. My question is what do I do now? Do I keep appealing, besides giving a copy of his orders what else can I give or say to show good cause?


  21. Amanda says:

    I too am facing the crazyness of appealing unemployment from Arizona for quitting my job to move to Oklahoma when the PCS Orders came in. We rely on two incomes to support our family and loss of my income is really hurting. Not to mention our housing allowance has dropped by half and have to live in the “ghetto”. I don’t feel safe sleeping at night with all the shooting around here and my babies in the house. And this is what we get for our husbands giving their all for our country? There has to be a way that we can come together and force them to make it a law for states to give unemployment to spouses. It might not help us now but it might help our future military wives or us somewhere in the future. Does anyone know where to start???

  22. Jason says:

    Hi I just filed for unemployment from the state of Texas. We have PCSed to the Uk. I just got my determinations and on the one hand they said I quit my job justifiable and qualify due to a move with my wife who is active duty, but then they denied me because I cannot register with a local workforce center which is obvious because I live in the uk with my military spouse. What gives should I appeal is it worth the time ?

  23. Dave says:

    Hello, I am currently stationed in Germany. I just got orders to Fort Riley for 90days and a follow on to Afghanstan. THe army says I can’t keep my family here so my wife will lose her job. Is there any way she can collect unemployement? Since, she has to move to Kansas on short notice and give up her job here in Germany.

  24. Evirr Eshelman says:

    I am a new military spouse about to quit my job in Washington State that I have had for 5 years to accompany my Husband in Guam. I see from the Map that Washington State does offer unemployment benefits for spouses, but I am very concerned after reading others were denied because their new duty station was overseas. Does anyone have any suggestions?



  25. Christi says:

    Hi – I’m new to all of this & just got stationed overseas in Japan. I’m an Registered Nurse but they aren’t hiring over here!! For trying to get unemployment – does it go through the last state you worked in or whichever state your are a Resident of (voting, etc)??? Any help please!!!

  26. CLewis says:

    Hello, my husband just got orders to PCS to Ft. Bliss, Texas. We currently live in Idaho, and I have voluntarily quit my job to re-locate with him. However, I am not on the orders. I believe I may be eligible for unemployment benefits until I find employment, but I’m unsure which state to file in. I’ll be looking for work in Texas, yet I’ve been working in Idaho. Also, Texas is a lot more lenient on military spouses than Idaho is. Please advise. Thank you!

  27. Brooke says:

    My husband and I relocated from Hawaii to California about 3 months ago. And I was recently informed that I could claim unemployment. However its been a year since I left my job. Considering the date we are suppose to leave Hawaii got changed. But it was pointless to try to get another job before we left. Now we are here and there are NO JOBS. Can I still try and file for unemployment? If so who do I contact? Hawaii or California?

  28. I believe it is the state where you were previously employed–start with that state’s department of labor.

  29. Nakkia says:

    I think I need help. I moved from Las Vegas, NV to Valdosta, GA because my husband’s job was no longer offered at Nellis AFB and his unit was closed. I had a job that I had to quit to follow my husband. I filed for unemployment in Nevada and was denied, so I appealed the claim and received a hearing. Now the referee has denied my claim as well. What should I do now?

  30. Nakkia – Please review the law in Nevada and this statement and if you believe your claim was denied in error, contact your Congressman:

    Clarification Received from the State of Nevada:
    ?The State of Nevada recognizes the need for families of military personnel to relocate when the
    [military member?s] permanent duty station has been changed. Nevada Revised Statute 612.551
    specifically addresses this situation as it pertains to a charge being placed against an employer?s
    account, but the law does not specifically define that circumstance as being a quit with good cause
    (NRS 612.380). Precedent and policy dictate that we do not disqualify for this reason. You may
    review the revised statutes at http://www.leg.state.nv.us/NRS/NRS-612.html.
    When reviewing a voluntary resignation, we determine whether or not there are reasonable
    alternatives available prior to the separation. In the case of a military transfer, if the [military member]
    is being ?temporarily? reassigned, then there is a potential for disqualification. Likewise, if the
    reassignment does not require the family to move [such as Permanent Change of Station Orders
    within the same commuting area.] If an individual is disqualified from receiving benefits based on a
    resignation without good cause or a discharge for misconduct, the individual must either win an appeal
    or return to work in covered employment, earning no less than their weekly benefit amount in each of
    10 different weeks prior to becoming requalified. The State of Nevada pays weekly benefits in the
    range of $16 weekly to a maximum of $291 weekly.?
    (Source: Personal Communication, November 15, 2000 – VR8356 Department Representative)

  31. Latonia Williams says:

    I will be moving from North Carolina to Germany. I have been on my job for 15 years. Is there any type of unemployment benefits that could be collected until I find employment?

  32. Sheila Grantham says:

    Thanks to education cutbacks, I am out of a job right now b/c we pcs to Texas. How do I find out about drawing unemployment until I find something? I have been turned down for 3 jobs for being OVERqualified. If I am willing to work for what they are willing to pay how can they do that!!!! Any advice will be such a help!

  33. @Sheila

    Contact your state (the one you are leaving or have left) labor board about unemployment.

    Contact Texas Workforce about jobs programs for spouses. They will help a lot with your job search–everything from resume and interview coaching to money for job search expenses to fees for certifications, etc.

  34. Lisa says:

    In July 2005 by husband pcs’d from TX to VA. My daughter and I moved to join him in Jan 2006. Since June 2001 I have been working for a vet in TX and when I moved to VA I continued to work for her (as a bookkeeper). Both my husband and I are TX State residents as we had property in TX and fully intended to relocate back. My husband did his 3 years in VA and was then deployed to Iraq for a year. He is now almost done with this deployment to Iraq and instead of getting orders to move back to TX, his orders keep him in VA for the next 3 years. When my TX boss found this out, she just wrote me and is ending my employment at the end of this month (Dec09). Her decision is “based on geography not on performance”. Does anyone know if I can claim unemployment in TX?
    I appreciate any knowledge or advice anyone may have for my situation.

  35. Kortni says:

    I applied for UI in june after i moved from IL to TN with my husband. I have been denied 3 times and i am appealing it again. In my denial letter it stated that i “quit my job to be with my husband,” now this is true, but what they failed to mention was the fact that my husband is in the army. I was told that the laws in IL were supposed to be changing to make it easier for spouses to receive benefits, but i have been denied twice since my phone hearing in september. I was told that i made the choice to marry a soldier and to quit my job, and since i did that i dont qualify to receive ui. I think this is a bunch of bull and something needs to be done!!! Thank You!!!

  36. Leslie says:

    Calling all Military Spouses…
    I too have been disqualified for my unemployment benefit. Not because of the state I filed thru, but because of the state I know live in by military orders. Generally you must meet “Good Cause” qualifications to recieve unemployment benefits. While the state of Kentucky does see a trailing military spouse as having “Good Cause” to quit there job, and in the next sentence it states as long as the state moving to has similar statues. Which missouri does not. Each state has there own statues read them!
    These laws must be changed at the state level first. We all need to contact our local state representatives and request they ensure Military Families are taken care of. Go here to get your state reps info:


    For current Initiatives please see:


    This initiative has 10 points of interest for all Military Families, all of these must be liked by the legislation for any of it to be passed. When your legistaltor submits the issue of Trailing Military Spouses receiving Unemloyment Benefits they must have it with other initiatives or by itself to be liked or passed. Also this issue can be brought to the attention of your Army Family Action Plan’s or similar group for the other forces, American Legions, Association of the United States Army or similar group, ect, state Govenors as it will pass thru there desk one day too and ALWAYS remind them this is also a Federal issue as our Soliders are not limited to one state or the other.

    We need to take care of each other so please share this with your FRSA, FRG’s or similar as it can effect anyone from PVT-5star generals spouses!

    Thanks all for your service and your Soldiers service!

  37. Heather says:

    Hi, If anyone can provide help, I would appreciate it. We PCS’d from Washington State to Australia then to Georgia US. I worked in WA for Boeing, worked in Australia for an Australian company, but now I am in Georgia and cannot get unemployment benefits. Australia won’t give them to me, Washington State will not and Georgia will not because I don’t show any income in the US. We were not in the US! I am a trailing military spouse that normally makes more than my husband and now nothing. And the economy is horrible and I cannot even get an interview. Any suggestions or contacts that I can talk to for more advice?

  38. Amy Corcoran says:

    This was great to find. I am a mil spouse and had to leave my job in Ca to relocate to NV with a 13% unemp rate, extrememly scary and after 6 weeks of waiting still nothing, and the unemployment lines via phone are horrible! Nice to see I am eligible just playing the waiting game now.

  39. Jay says:

    My situation is a little different. My husband retired a bout a month ago here in Hawaii and we want to move back to eastcoast. Is this move considered to be last PCS?? and can I still claim Unemployment if we leave?? (we planed to move to GA)



  40. Lori says:

    I am a military spouse that had to leave her job on husband PCS orders. I lost a 55,000 to 60,000 a year and the state of Lousiana have to do a case by case on unemployment now what I don’t understand is case by case we all move on PCS orders whats the difference! The State did not mined taking my State taxes for all those years I worked there.

  41. Rod says:

    Check out this site for an overview of each state unemployment military spouse benefits:


    Benefits vary from state to state. My wife has a RNLT date of May 31 from Kirtland AFB, NM to Barksdale AFB, LA. Luckily as a spouse I will have a choice of collecting unemployment from either NM or LA (not both). I am choosing NM as LA has the 3rd lowest monetary benefits in the nation. The above webstite is helpful but you will need to contact the individual state your are PCSing to get specific info.

    BTW, if you didn’t know, I am a man, a former Marine, a service connected disabled veteran. I know I’m not the typical military spouse but a military spouse none the less for over 20 years now. I used to complain a lot about starting my career over again and again (this will be our 6th PCS). This is a tough life but I wouldn’t change a thing. I love her more today then when we were married 23 years ago. Every PSC is just another adventure to us and we make the best of it. What my wife does for this country is important and must to be done!

  42. Tim Flack says:

    Hello. This is Tim Flack, a reporter for the Stars and Stripes newspaper. I’m working a story about the issue of unemployment for military spouses during PCS moves. If you’re interested in being interviewed, please contact me at:

  43. Kara says:

    If a person qualifies for unemployment, then let them have it. As wives, we are forced to move. We may be moving to a new duty station that doesn’t have the work force as the previous one. Our careers and our checkbooks suffer. Unemployment would offer a little less to stress about during the PCS.

  44. Tracy says:

    I have recently moved to South Carolina from PA to follow my husband. I applied for unemployment and got turned down! Not only have I done research on Pa being a state that supports a military move I am 24 and have NEVER been umeployed since I started working when I was 16. I have worked multiple jobs to pay for myself to go to school, so if I cant get help for this move who exactly does qualify for getting unemployment?? I think the people who deserve it never get it….

  45. Neelie says:

    My husband has been ordered to PCS from VA to TX. I figured I’d check into the unemployment insurance for VA. I was told by a respresentative at the employment commission that “I can certainly apply, but he’s sure that I won’t be approved for benefits,” and that he’s never seen an approval come across his desk for a military spouse since they voluntarily terminate their employment! Unbelieveable! If I am “voluntarily” choosing to accompany my husband, what is the other option…divorce, separation….ridiculous. >:-$

  46. Jamie Dudziak says:

    I need some help to see if I am eligible to collect NYS unemployment. July of 2008 my husband was injured in Afghanistan. He was sent to Walter Reed Army Medical Center for care. I was sent here at the same time on travel orders to care for him and have been on orders as a NMA ever since. We found out that we will be tranfered back back home to NY in the next few weeks and I am wondering if I can file for unemployment. I left my jobs almost two year ago and they are no longer there for me to go back to. If anyone has any information on this it would be a great help.

  47. pagedoveri says:

    so I just found out that my firend Evirr Eshelman is sleeping with a miltary man while her hubby is deployed on duty and they just had there first baby only in march of this year ……. got avice ………….

  48. Tonya Walker says:

    I was recently married my husband is stationed in virginia and I am in michigan. Does anyone know if I would qualify for unemployment benefits when I move to virginia?

  49. Neelie says:

    @ Tonya,

    Unfortunately, I don’t believe you’ll be qualified to recieve benefits in VA. That’s just my guess, but it’s based off the fact that you’ve been working in Michigan for at least the past 12 months (another assumption), so you’ll have to a claim benefits n Michigan. And you’ll need to do some research, maybe call a representative at the unemployment office, find out if they have any clauses clauses that disqualify military spouse for relocating to accompany their husband. Those are the reasons that I was told I did not qualify for benefits ( I PCS-ed with my husband from VA to TX and VA basically just said…screw you!)!

    Best of luck to you!

  50. Johnson says:

    I think this is ridiculous that some states dont give it to us spouses. Its not our fault we have to move to follow our husbands and keep our families together. I think this is so unfair. This is a family hardship, every time we have to move we do it to support our husbands and our country.

  51. unemployment is always a problem with any nation *’*

  52. Amy says:

    Is this new? My husband was stationed in KS and I moved from AR to be with him and was denied unemployment benefits.

  53. Candace says:

    @Amy – this post was dated October 2007…guess I need to freshen it!

  54. Angel says:

    I am writing in response to relocating with my military spouse 3 hours away from my previous job in Virginia to his new duty station in Virginia. I previuosly worked a full time job for over three years. I was denied unemployment benefits. Is there any “good cause” recognized by Virginia Employment Com or unemployment?

  55. Brian8423 says:

    My wife is currently employed in California as a teacher, she will be quiting her job and moving with me in July to Maryland. will she be able to collect unemployment and if so were can we get more information? Thanks.

  56. Vicki says:

    I am a military spouse and DoD employee living in South Korea, my husband is PCS’ing to Ft.Stewart, Georgia. I can’t find anything anywhere as to if I’ll qualify for unemployment or not living overseas. I am doubting it but wanted to check into it.

  57. Carlee says:


    I’ve been on Texas unemployment and just ended my Tier 3. I was told I could get the EB program but since I am residing in Louisiana they will now pay me the EB. They stated I am currently residing in a state that is not eligible to pay EB (Extended Benefits) to its claimants. I am a military spouse and had to quit my job due to a PCS move to Ft. Polk, LA. I cant not find a job here. Does anyone know if I can appeal and win this due to the Military situation? I won this in the beginning due to being a military spouse hands down. Of course it was Texas and they are great but now I don’t understand why I will be denied just because I am living in LA which I have been living here since June 30 2010 and been collecting unemployment since then. Any advice on this or what I can do? Thank you.

  58. andrea says:

    I like that unemployment is given to military spouses, i have moved four times in five years and had to leave my job each time. I am fully vested in the NAF program and I have two degrees, however I am not able to get unemployment living overseas with you spouse. I guess you can only get it if your spouse gets moved to a stateside area…kinda crazy..

  59. Gina Steinmetz says:

    I have been unable for a year now to find a job as an RN since we moved from Massachusetts to Washington State. Finally I decided to possibly look into collecting unemployment bebefits in which I have paid into in the past. I feel guilty, but now with our son going off to college(using my husbands GI bill$), we are still forced to come up with additional funds to pay remainder of tuition fees. What a mess~! I’ve been thrifty with spending what we do have come in, but now it’s time to get serious about “squeezing blood from a turnip”. I cannot make my husbands pay stretch any further. Any suggestions out there? We even tried to get special circumstances to son in college to be able to qualify for resident tuition fee. The non-resident in 3 TIMES HIRER!

  60. Danielle says:

    My husband was reassigned to germany! I had been with my job for nine years. I gave notice as i should have and then there was no housing available so the military put my children and I on deferred orders because our oversize family. ( we have 5 children). When I tried to withdraw my resignation3 weeks before our departure was denied and let gg from my job. I offered to take a substancial pay cut and demotion and still there was nothing for me. I applied for UI and at first was denied. My caseworker never spoke with me even after submitting very detailed information. Alway appeal the decision. I did and I won. Now here is my question. will I still qualify for UI (unemployment benefit) once I have moved overseas? I have been applying for jobs online and the jobs are few and far between! Please if you have any insight I need help!

  61. Storm Bryan-Williamson says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. In today’s society, it is difficult for families to survive on only one income. When military members PCS, it strains their family and finances because temporarily they have to depend on only one income, the service member. I left Virginia for Hawaii during a PCS move, and due to Hawaii not sharing nursing licensure with other states, was temporarily without a job. I am a civilian employee with the federal government, but did not have a job secured at transfer. Any other state, I probably could have found a nursing job temporarily, but Hawaii requires only Hawaii nursing licenses. When I applied for UI benefits, I was denied, “because I choose to leave my employment to follow my spouse”. How is that supposed to be a choice. They (VA) were supporting the breaking up of family and unsupporting to it military (Army, Navy, and Marines live and work in Virginia). Not good, not good at all.

  62. Lorraine says:

    Does anyone have any info on umeployemployment benefits when ur,new duty station is,out of country, where leaving for japan in deember. Any info would be great : )

  63. Danielle says:

    I reguards to the question on the overseas PCS , I have been told UII is not available once you leave the country I don’t understand that seeing how we are on a US installation!! As far as Hawaii It is part of the 50 states but if I am not mistaken has to have adopted the trailing spouses act! hope this helps

  64. Ann says:

    I recently moved from VA to Louisiana due to my husbands PCS orders. Va denied my unemployment because I chose to move with my spouse. I have worked for 21 years and never drawn any kind of benefits. There are no job openings for my education which is a BS in biology w/molecular and surgical tech. I was told that I should have stayed in Va until I found a job in La. I explained that 1-I applied for jobs before the PCS and got phone interviews but was told I couldn’t be considered until I actually lived in La 2-I lived on post in Va and had to give up housing when my spouse moved and was told I should have rented a place 3-We should have lived in separate states and maintained two households until I secured employment in La. Really? Who can afford to maintain two households? Va doesn’t mind the military spending their money in that state but they DON”T support the military family. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out why most military spouses feel neglected by the people our spouses defend.

  65. Andrea says:

    those states only give you UI help you you PCS with your spouse to CONUS, if you move OCONUS then you are out of luck. so those of us who move with our spouse overseas might as well suck it up. Colorado told me in writing that because we dont give back to the US economy then I am not able to get UI services. I wrote and said that my husband is paid in US dollars we still pay taxes and i shop on base using only dollars (EURO EXCHANGE IT NOT GOOD). But the greart state of Colorado told me NOPE!!!!..i went over ever step to try and get it overturned but again was told NOPE, now please keep in mind this was after i had gotten UI for two months but was told that the person who approved my claim did not read the info. and they said to me they would not make me pay back the money i had gotten becuase it was not my mistake. thanks!!!!

  66. ann weiss says:

    OMG I can’t believe what I’m reading here. You people have GOT to be enlisted spouses because the ignorance is quite honestly not only mind boggling but appalling! How on God’s green earth do you think for one second that you are entitled (no less) to unemployment benefits when you’ve q-u-i-t your job verses being laid off, etc.. No one forced you to marry a soldier, sailor or airman, you made a conscious choice so deal with it. Ruck up and drive on lady instead of whining! No one owes you jack squat!

    You are responsible for finding your ass a new job! Local, state or federal government isn’t your nurse maid- if you quit a job, then your butt should’ve had something in place before you stopped your last job! You don’t have to move at the same time your hubby does. if you don’t go with your hubby, much of the time he can stay in the barracks at his new duty station until you (and the kids if you have them) come to join him. Don’t try to pull the wool over my eyes because I’ve “been there done that in two branches of service as the service member AND the spouse!

    If your butt would’ve gotten a college education in a decent major before getting married and pushing kids out, you’d not have to worry much about finding work. That said finding a job is YOUR responsibility NOT that of anyone else on the planet. Can’t hack it? Then your behind should’ve not got married to a services member and should’ve kept your butt working at the local Dairy Queen!

    And for the nut-cake poster that mentions someone needs to find a lawyer that specializes in “military divorce” …. there isn’t a such thing! (whew you people are about to drive me to drinking tonight!) Divorce is a CIVIL issue (that’s right… CIVIL) which means the military doesn’t have diddly squat to do with it past enforcement of whatever decree was passed down from the CIVIL court. Lastly, JAG attorneys are not versed in civil matters because most of them got out of law school, have never worked in the civil sector, and are in the mil. as an easy way out or to simply pay for their student loans (same with many military veterinarians … but that’s another thread for another day). Geesh people!

    You don’t have to get a divorce in the state your in, nor do you have to have child support decided in the state that you’re in as long as you have a legal “interest” in another state (property, etc.)

    heck you can get divorced in one state, and have child support decided in another state. Educated people know this and do it everyday. What’s bad is that many attorneys don’t know this (probably because their not versed in family law because it pays poorly and law students avoid it like the plague). ANYWAY… wake the heck up and do some of your own research because some of you here are so far off base that it’s about to make my head freaking explode!

    Ok, look “Lynn” you didn’t HAVE to leave your job. Just because you’re married and your hubby gets relocated doesn’t mean you HAVE to leave your job. If you come down with some debilitating allergy that closes up your airway and you HAVE to move to another state in order to keep from dying… then THAT is *having* to leave your job. Otherwise your butt just **DECIDED** or ELECTED to leave your job. See the difference? Dang woman! You’re killing me with all this drama.

    Freaking some lady named “Erica” below quit her poor paying job and all the sudden wants benefits. What? Are you out of your pea brained mind? Benefits are for those who work their buns off and get laid off silly girl. Not for those that up and quit a perfectly good job. I can’t believe the intellect here, you people are wanting something that you’re not even entitled to on a good day.

    If I was the receptionist at the unemployment office I’d stand up and tell you to your faces to jump into the hand basket and go straight to hell !

  67. Candace says:

    I am sorry reading this blog stresses you out so much. Perhaps you should avoid it in the future?

    I can only address the “military divorce” statement because that was mine. I am the owner of the blog, I have degrees from two Ivy League Universities and my husband is an attorney (he was not JAG, however). There are attorneys that specialize in many areas of law, including military divorce. I did not mean to imply there were laws specifically related to military divorce but rather that there are attorneys experienced in dealing with military couples who are divorcing. And, indeed, there are.

    As to the rest of the vitriol, you are making a number of assumptions here about the character of my commenters and attacking their character and intelligence without cause. Personally, I did not apply for the benefits even though I was eligible, because of my own personal political beliefs about this.

    You are welcome to share your knowledge and express your opinion here. Please do it with greater civility, however.

    Thank you.

  68. ann weiss says:

    Oh brother. Ok, some ditzy gal name “Ann” (not me) is complaining that VA didn’t approve her unemployment or something or another and that she couldn’t find a job and that she majored in Biology, blah, blah, blah.

    Ok, You’re a nutcake in the eyes of everyone with a b-r-a-i-n because even I know that there are a small amount of jobs in the bio sciences compared to those that majored in them. If your ass wanted job security then you should’ve majored in petroleum engineering, electrical engineering, computer science/DB management, MSN in nursing, etc… heck, an idiot knows that you can’t major in biology and just hop, skip around the word and think you can find a job! Who’s fault is that? VA? Mine? No… it’s your damn fault for not doing your homework, and now you want to come on this site and bitch. Woman, get your sh_t together and major in something that is needed. Biology is great, but it’s the MASTERS DEGREE that means something. An undergraduate degree is nothing but what a high school diploma was a decade or so ago. Wake the hell up and smell the coffee lady! I know, I know, if you went to a decent school you had to take university physics, calculus, chemistry, blah, blah, blah… but if you wanted to WORK, your ass should’ve majored in engineering or something relevant to what is needed in industry… then get a J.D. or MBA in finance just to stay marketable. You know the drill. You can’t just sit on your ho- ho eating fat ass. . . You have to DO something to stay marketable.

    The world isn’t against you- but you can’t major in bullsh*t and expect jobs to just pop up everywhere YOU need them to be. Puhleeze…. you need to really take a reality pill in a big way.

    The laws are just fine- It’s YOU people that need to wake the hell up to reality! I can’t believe some of this crap that I’m reading here about laws need to change for military spouses, etc., blah, blah.. Didn’t you think about all of this before you got married and pushed out kids? Oh, I guess not- well guess what? That’s YOUR problem Missy! Hmmm… I thought all that stuff out before I got married and had kids. It isn’t a coincidence that I don’t’ have a problem but you all do? No, the reality is that I planned like a mature adult, and you people got marriend, screwed, made babies, and not sit a bitch that life isn’t grand. The law(s) aren’t the problem. It’s you. Get your sh*t together.

  69. ann weiss says:

    I apologize. I will keep it more civil in the future. Thank you. Respectfully -Ann

  70. Tiffany says:

    Ann you have too much time on your hand to be writing all that lol get a life anwyays Im on here to see ig anyone has be successful in receiving unemployment when moving to washington State…Thanks :-)

  71. Shannon says:

    Question about all of this. I am in this sort of situation. I make more than my husband so our difference in pay is going to be a big deal once we move until I am able to secure another job in the new location. I’m trying to hold out as long as I can at my ‘old’ job but it is putting a huge strain on our family (relationship). Do you apply for this in the state you’re leaving or in the state you’re going to? Maybe I’m making this harder in my brain than it really is. Thanks!

  72. Carolyn k says:

    Does anyone know if there is a timeframe to file. If so do they allow you to give notice by departure date or arrival date?

  73. Briseida C says:

    I live in california my husban is in the army and they just told him that we moving to japan in 5 months if i quit my job would i be able to apply for unemployment?

  74. Shay says:

    My husband just received orders to Japan, I live in TX and know that if i move to another state i am eligible but what about moving out of country?

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  78. Brittany Young says:

    We are PCSing to Japan on June 1. We didn’t find out until the beginning of March. With everything to do to prepare for the move and visit our families before the move I may need to quit work around mid April. It is just too short of a time frame and our families are very far apart and both over 12 hours away. Is that considered too early to quit to be able to get benefits? The statute doesn’t state it but I can’t determine if at all there is a time frame permitted. Thanks for the help.

  79. dimatteo says:

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  80. jenn m says:

    My husband is currently deployed. We pcs one week after his return in June. I have already submitted his orders to my boss and a tentative last day a my job. How soon is to soon to leave and still receive benefits from the state of California if he is to report to his new command July 19th?