Win It On Wednesday! – October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween! Ever wanted to see what my baby would look like if she were eating brains? Check out my Wordless Wednesday. Yes, macabre, I know. I also encourage you to check out what some other cool bloggers have been saying about Halloween on my Halloween Blog Round-up on Mamanista! — great for last minute inspiration.

Here are some bloggy contests I know about that have deadlines on or after October 31:

If you are a blogger hosting a contest, or know of a really cool contest on a blog, please list it in the comments with the link to the actual post (not the main page), the prize you can win, and the end date. If you know how to code it, please link the title of the contest to the post to make my life a little easier. If you can’t, though, no worries.

And, if the contest is still going when I put up the next post, I’ll include it in the main body of that post, too.

Please, only contests hosted on blogs. Spammy corporate-owned bots will be hunted down and destroyed–not really, but I’ll delete the “comment.”

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