Ugh…That’s in Poor Taste

Dlisted has shots of Larry Birkhead parading DanniHope around the street where celebrities go when they want to be photographed shopping. (warning, site is not “family friendly”)

Michael K mocks him for being an attention hog, D-lister, but do you notice the t-shirt she’s wearing? “Who’s Your Daddy?” After a long, public paternity battle? Ick.

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  1. She’s a beautiful little girl. Let’s all say a little prayer for her and her father.

  2. Dana Bee says:

    So sad! He reminds me of Kato Kalin, just happened in to the spotlight, and is milking it for everything he can.

  3. joshsmama05 says:

    That little girl is such a doll. I was really hoping that he would take the high road and keep her out of the spotlight and try to make her childhood as normal as possible. She’s already had the cards stacked against her. Poor little doll.

  4. Mommy Bits says:

    He is so tacky and it’s a shame because I was really excited when he got custody.

    I hope that little girl turns out ok!

  5. LaskiGal says:

    I keep wondering when his 15 minutes will be up. He seems to disappear for awhile and then I think there is a slow news day and he pops back up. Sad for that sweet little baby . . .