But I Don’t Want to Be Eaten By Cats

My darling husband was gracious enough to send me this lovely article about how Toxoplasmosis can infect your brain and turn you into a “Crazy Cat Lady.”

I seriously am having trouble believing this article. According to the researcher quoted in the New York Times, Toxoplasmosis can make you less sensitive to the smell of cat urine, make you two and a half times more likely to have car accidents, slow your reaction time, and, get this, increase your chances of being eaten by cats.

I have had a toxoplasmosis infection. In fact, there was much angst on my part waiting for the results and it took forever for the doctors to get back to me. Because my husband was deployed during most of my pregnancy, I was the only one to clean the litter. So, I wanted to make sure I already had the infection in the past, as have more than 60 million people in the US. As long as I had a past infection, than my unborn baby was safe. If contracted for the first time during pregnancy, toxoplasmosis can harm the unborn child. Fortunately, the test eventualy came back indicating I had been infected prior to my pregnancy.

Back to the article–I haven’t seen the original study, but how large of a sample size are we talking about? How many people get eaten by cats a year? Please tell me it isn’t statistically significant. And which came first anyway? The toxoplasmosis or the large number of feral cats?

Why on earth is this sort of wild speculation in the New York Times?

Excuse me, I’m going downstairs to see if I still find the odor of cat urine offensive…because I really don’t want to be eaten by cats.

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  1. LOL – This is a crack up! I’m ok though since I’m a dog lover. LOL